Data; it lives and it grows – with NonStop SQL, data truly has found a home.

Richard Buckle

Perhaps the most enduring character from the fictional Star Trek franchise just happens to be Data. With his positronic brain he could out-compute the likes of Vulcans and in so doing, endeared himself to viewers worldwide, given his total lack of emotion. Before Data, there had been Spock, but in Data we saw a significant upgrade albeit one with absolutely no understanding of humanity. In many ways, the mere thought of having someone like Data onboard the spaceship USS Enterprise, gave the scriptwriters that all-important way out whenever situations escalated beyond belief. With Data, there was always an option.


Top 5 Trends in REST Services – Database Access via RESTful API Using LightWave

Dave Belliveau

In an enterprise, there are many different data sources that are produced and consumed in many different departments. Instead of being tied to the proprietary access of each database, the use of a web service API will make integration with these myriad of data sources much easier. RESTful web services will provide a data access layer that’s more flexible and compatible with different applications, including mobile, web or cloud services. Many database vendors now provide access to their databases using RESTful APIs. They include Oracle, and MS SQL Server, the two leading databases in the marketplace.

July-August 2021

NonStop Trends & Wins

Justin Simonds

We have seen amazing progress in terms of digital transformation based on the pandemic. Indeed there was no choice. Those lucky enough to have jobs that lasted through the pandemic had to work from home.


Chapter News

Collin Yates

On 22 June 2021, BITUG held their popular ‘Little SIG’. This is a single-day event specifically targeting the UK NonStop community, and usually includes a number of customer and vendor presentations as well as the latest HPE Roadmap.


Chapter News

Jack McAuley

Every year, for the past 25 years, a technical event is held in Canada by a group called CTUG (Canadian Tandem Users Group).  Originally,  the purpose of the event was to learn and get updated on Tandem technology.

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Psst! Compliance Isn’t the Goal!

Marty Edelman

Corporations spend billions of dollars annually on compliance audits and remediations, dollars that one can argue are misused. Whenever a new data privacy standard is released, entire teams are spun up to bring systems into compliance.


A Note From Connect Leadership

Marty Edelman

With fingers crossed it looks like most of the world is digging out from the pandemic and beginning to contemplate life in a post-covid world. Things will probably never go back to the way they were before but one of the constant in this world is that you either evolve or die. We at Connect choice to evolve (as I hope you do too) and have been busy at work on the NonStop Bootcamp which will be a great show this year. We have an amazing new venue in Denver in a great part of town to ensure that there is plenty to see and do.

May - June 2021

The Flip Side

Gaye Clemson

In a recent article in Forbes magazine, Steve Denning, a leader in agile management, leadership, and innovation, persuasively argues that only the agile will survive. He suggests that COVID-19, which we all agree is now the mother of all disruptions, will accelerate a new way of working, playing, learning, leading and even living. Denning views business and strategic agility as the largest differentiators for the future. In my view, agility just gets you to the starting line. Adaptability wins the race!

Expanding NonStop Opportunities

Expanding NonStop Opportunities

Ron Thompson

With the value of data losing value in seconds, minutes or hours – time is of the essence to maximize data value to improve decision making – with immediate insights, to add intelligence to processes, create opportunities, etc. For those interested in meaningfully improving outcomes by maximizing data value and innovating for impact – these are core ingredients for success in an on-line, real-time, all-the-time world.


Virtualized NonStop adoption is growing. Here’s what you should know if you’re planning for one

Prashanth Kamath U

Since the origin of computing, innovation has been happening in broadly two areas – 1) Technology – silicon, circuits, storage and so forth, aptly captured by “Moore’s law”, and 2) software – operating system, application, virtualization and the like. While these two areas continue to evolve, although at a slower pace than earlier, the last decade brought in another dimension to the innovation phenomenon –acquisition and consumption. Until the first decade of the 21st century, computing infrastructure was all captive. Companies built sprawling datacenters to house their IT infrastructure, managed by their staff – highly skilled to run operations and keep the “lights on”, if you will.


Boosting Morale During a Pandemic

Hayes Martin

How can companies help their team members to adapt to a completely virtual work environment while helping them to cope with the added stress that a pandemic and a complete upheaval of their lives brings? Over the past several months, we have all experienced additional challenges as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. In some families, both spouses experienced “going virtual” together, while others had the added anxiety of being an essential worker. Add children to the mix, now with ever-fluctuating school schedules, and it becomes easy to understand how impactful Coronavirus has been on employees’ mental health and morale. It has become clear that employers must adapt to these changes and engage with employees to develop long-term plans to improve morale and productivity while ensuring a healthy work/life balance.