HPE Data Solutions – NonStop’s new home in HPE

Iain Liston-Brown

NonStop has always been driven by business solutions and therefore when the new Data Solutions organisation was formed this was a natural fit for NonStop.

HPE’s Data Solutions business under Jeff Kyle is accountable for creating and delivering differentiated transaction processing and in-memory data analytics solutions for HPC, AI, structured data, and unstructured data for financial services, manufacturing, transportation, and retail segments via PaaS & SaaS.


A Note from Connect Leadership

Marty Edelman

The year is coming to a close and that means it is time for our “Best of NonStop” issue. It is jam-packed with great content (as are all of our issues!) that should help you do your job better as you learn about new happenings in the HPE world.

NonStop Trends & Wins

NonStop Trends & Wins

Justin Simonds

There is already an estimated $7B being spent on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning (AI,ML,DL) in banking this


NonStop TBC21 returns as virtual event and reality sets in!

Richard Buckle

This year, as was the case last year, the annual NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2021 (NonStopTBC21) became a virtual experience. No surprises really about this even as many members of the NonStop community held out in the hope that it would be a return to an in-person event. No surprises too that even with the lateness of the transition to virtual, along with the promotion of the event being free of charges for attendees, there were 1,000 participants maybe more.


Japan’s first HPE Virtualized NonStop commercial use case

Kouji Tomita

SMCC, as a pioneer in Japan for Visa, has been in the payment service business for over 50 years and is one of Japan’s leading financial services companies with annual card transaction volume of over $ 180 billion. SMCC has been using the HPE NonStop server for several generations since 1983 for authorization operations that require the highest availability, reliability, and real-time processing performance.


NonStop Clustering Update

Marcelo de Azevedo

NonStop servers have a long tradition in clustering, and HPE is proud to introduce new NonStop X Cluster Solution (NSXCS) features with the L21.06.01 RVU. The new NSXCS features include support for HPE NonStop NS8 servers and new cluster switches based on InfiniBand HDR 200 Gbps technology.

Do you want to learn more about NonStop clustering and its latest features? Well, you came to the right place!


NuWave Prizm Gateway™: The Best of NonStop Integration Is Just Getting Started

Dave Belliveau

APIs have seen fast growth and adoption for many years now; as of 2020, it was estimated that there are over 24,000 APIs in use, just in the financial industry. While the number of APIs used is increasing, the more important statistic is the value these APIs bring to businesses. Services offered by APIs now account for 75% of many large companies’ revenue. For example, Salesforce generates 50% of its revenue through RESTful APIs, eBay 60%, and Expedia generates 90% of its total revenue through the use of APIs. Without the help of RESTful APIs, these companies might cease to exist.