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Using HPE NonStop SQL/MX in Modern Computing

When considering the world of data management and databases, one may not immediately associate it with excitement. However, the realm of HPE NonStop SQL/MX offers a unique perspective that can pique the interest of buyers and technology enthusiasts alike. This article delves into the importance of NonStop SQL/MX and its relevance in today’s rapidly evolving computing landscape.

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Connect 2023 NonStop Technical Boot Camp

Bill Honaker

A mere week ago (as I write this), Connect held its annual showcase NonStop user meeting. As I first sat down to write about it, I realized it’s the first time since 1995 that the annual ITUG or Connect NonStop meeting has been held outside of California

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In Every Issue

Winning Against the Public Cloud

Justin Simonds

Gartner has started talking about a new ‘stalking horse’ called the Digital Immune System (DIS). In fact they say “By 2025, organizations that invest in building digital immunity will increase customer satisfaction by decreasing downtime by 80%.” As you might imagine when a NonStop person hears about ‘reducing downtime’ and ‘increasing customer satisfaction’ our ears perk up.