by Steve Tcherchian

A recent industry phishing report showed that 4% of users are prone to click on anything sent to them. That is a scary statistic given that phishing is one of the primary methods ransomware attacks are carried out. Ransomware is extremely damaging for a business due to its relatively low cost to execute and high value rate of return. Four percent might seem like a low number, but just one user falling victim to a phishing attempt is one too many. We, as cybersecurity professionals, need to be right 100% of the time, whereas the attacker only has to be right once. With 4% of users clicking on just about anything and opening attachments, the odds are definitely stacked against us.

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Chapter News

Collin Yates

On 22 June 2021, BITUG held their popular ‘Little SIG’. This is a single-day event specifically targeting the UK NonStop community, and usually includes a number of customer and vendor presentations as well as the latest HPE Roadmap.


Chapter News

Jack McAuley

Every year, for the past 25 years, a technical event is held in Canada by a group called CTUG (Canadian Tandem Users Group).  Originally,  the purpose of the event was to learn and get updated on Tandem technology.

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Psst! Compliance Isn’t the Goal!

Marty Edelman

Corporations spend billions of dollars annually on compliance audits and remediations, dollars that one can argue are misused. Whenever a new data privacy standard is released, entire teams are spun up to bring systems into compliance.


NuWaves API Security Guide – Best Practices for REST Services

Dave Belliveau

REST has become the standard for information exchanged between disparate platforms and applications within the enterprise. In the NonStop space it is being used more and more, to allow NonStop applications to communicate with other enterprise applications, and integrate with solutions outside the enterprise.

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