• Shadowbase Software: Synchronous Replication
    My name is Jonathan Ziegler, and I have worked at Gravic for 12 years. I currently manage the Shadowbase software development group, spanning NonStop, Linux, Windows, and a variety of other technologies. Before I jump into our new Early Code Drop (ECD) program for HPE Shadowbase synchronous replication, I was asked to share a bit about my background.
  • NonStop Forward
    Many clients and users at TUG meetings have expressed concerns to me about losing experienced members on their Nonstop team. These team members work in different groups, such as development, support or operations for the NonStop platform. Their contributions are crucial in the ecosystem of their company’s mission critical applications.  There is great concern in losing that pool of expertise.
  • Expanding NonStop Opportunities
    Under the circumstances, hope everything is going as well as can be expected. All the best in getting through a very difficult time with the Coronavirus.
  • News from HPE’s NonStop Division
    There is something about having a long experience in this industry that is of high value to us because we get to witness how different technologies are born, going through a hype cycle, being adopted in very specific solutions or getting wider adoption or in some cases just being forgotten. For customers it may be a daunting task to decide where to invest. So many new technologies simply claim to solve world hunger. In general it is rare that a technology becomes universal across all vendors. TCP/IP can claim that, for languages C/C++ and Java have had success, for operating systems, is Linux the standard now? But what else? When it comes to programming for example, not long ago, multi-threading was the common way to scale an application. Then BigData proved that “scale out” may be a better way to address massive scale for data access. I think we knew this already in our NonStop world but the industry didn’t.
  • A Note From Connect Leadership
    There is an old Chinese curse that says “May he live in interesting times” and it seems we all are! With everything happening around the globe these days, we all need to stay alert and make smart decisions. Panic is not a strategy. Many trade shows are being canceled, and time will tell if the regional user group meetings will be canceled too. If they are, I’d like to encourage folks who were going to be presenting to share their message via our publications and website. Our Slack channel is open for business, and as a community we can use it to gather and discuss all things HPE.
  • Preparing Your Workplace for Uncertainty
    As a cybersecurity company in Southern California, fueled by a culture of transparency and caring for our employees and customers, we live and operate by our mission: “We protect your data as if it’s our own.” We approached the Covid-19 threat the same way we approach cybersecurity threats, with extreme vigilance and seriousness.
  • NonStop Trends & Wins
    With the pandemic upon us I believe the value of NonStop is paramount.  As many are aware GE Healthcare, the NonStop healthcare solution partner, existed the enterprise side of the business, relinquishing that market to their competitors Cerner and Epic.  However NonStop has done more in healthcare and I wanted to tell an older story that becomes very applicable to today’s environment.
  • Know Your Threat; Understanding the Latest Cyber-Crime Trends
    What are some of the latest cyber-security threats affecting organizations? Cyber-crime is a constantly evolving enterprise. Cyber-security threats are becoming
  • Modern Databases – Navigating through choice
    For application developers and architects then the development landscape is more complex and pressured today than ever before. On premise, off premise, public cloud, private cloud, agility, DevOps all add pressure to decisions whilst none take away the need to bring solutions to market quickly and, of course, minimise costs.
  • Integration of enterprise messaging infrastructure on NonStop
    Business today is a world of connected systems. Every application, every piece of data, and every machine is connected and exchanges data at huge volumes at ever-increasing speeds. This flow of information moves throughout every data center and out to remote locations. The data might move between applications within the business or be shared between companies. All this is, of course, also true for users of HPE NonStop systems running mission-critical applications, which need to communicate with other systems and applications in the enterprise.
  • REST @ RedLink: Using APIs to modernize BASE24 and the NonStop Ecosystem
    RedLink is the biggest national switch for Argentina, owned by the major banks here (Banco Nacion, Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires, Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Grupo Petersen and other important institutions).  We work mainly with public banks (the largest being here in Argentina). RedLink processes more than 27+ million transactions on peak days, driving more than 10,000 ATMs all around the country. We work with more than 60 financial institutions and have more than 1,000 employees.
  • Top Financial Institution Standardizes HPE NonStop Database Management
    The client, a large US-headquartered financial institution, is a multinational, independent investment bank and financial services company assisting individuals, corporations, and municipalities. With more than 8,100 financial advisors serving approximately 3 million accounts in more than 2,600 locations throughout the United States, Canada and overseas, total client assets approach $1 trillion.