• The State Of NonStop – Current and Future – with ATC’s Franz Koenig
    Andrew Price:  All longtime NonStop users have watched over the years as the NonStop platform has become more and more
  • News from HPE’s NonStop Division (May-June 2019)
    After a winter with record level snowfalls here in some areas of Austria of up to 4.5 meters of fresh snow within a few weeks, spring finally seems to take over. The last patches of snow I can see from my home-office disappear, making way for another white colored delight: snowdrops on meadows that get greener by the day. The same way that nature brings this constant renewal and change through the seasons, the NonStop business is marching forward, renewing itself like nature does every spring.
  • A Note From Connect Leadership (May-June 2019)
    We are now in full swing TUG season with meetings taking place from Los Angeles to New York to Scotland! Flights are being taken by HPE and Partners alike, and customers are hearing about all the latest and greatest NonStop. Speaking of great; the story at a lot of the meetings has been the fantastic performance of the NonStop Enterprise Division within HPE. Business is up and customers are happy! To top it all off, the technology keeps getting better and innovation is taking place all around! Basically, it’s a great time to be in the NonStop community!
  • NonStop Trends & Wins (May-June 2019)
    The greater HPE strategy evolves around the idea that corporations will use a mix of hybrid architecture and hybrid cloud to achieve optimal results for a reasonable investment. Another tenet to the strategy is that everything will be understood through artificial intelligence and its components of machine and dep learning. Finally that a large portion of computing will be done at the edge. By the edge, HPE means near the creation of an event or transaction. It would be pre-cloud and would, most often, obviate the need to move the data back to the data center since it would have already been processed. Only aggregate data and outliers would make the long and somewhat expensive trip back to the data center. By way of example, I was reading of video ‘smart cities’ surveillance systems that were setup in China a few years ago.
  • Expanding NonStop Opportunities (May-June 2019)
    Based on the news “Shares of Wells Fargo & Co. closed down more than 2 % after a nationwide outage hit the bank’s ATM and online networks.”. To quantify how bad this is for the business and stakeholders, based on a business valuation of $243 B, the 2 % hit equals a loss of about $5 B!
  • The IT Director’s Perspective: Maximizing the Value of HPE NonStop (May-June 2019)
    “You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.” Your next stop, the datacenter. It is full of the latest and greatest technologies. Rows and rows of servers sit surrounded by flash disk arrays and enough fiber to reach to the moon and back. This is the new home for your software, the lifeblood of your company. You reflect proudly on what you have helped to create and then, doubt begins to cloud this wonderful vision. Is my software worthy of running on all of this shiny new technology? Can my software take advantage of all of these technologies? Is my software ready to run in the cloud?
  • Chapter News – 2019 NYTUG Recap (May-June 2019)
    We had a generally good event this year. We had a good attendance, despite the usual last-minute cancellations and no shows. Customer attendees represented JP Morgan Chase, Fiserv, Bank of America – Merrill Lynch and Western Union.
  • Chapter News – CTUG’s 2018 Fall Conference Report (May-June 2019)
    The CTUG fall conference was another great event. The theme for this year’s event was “NonStop’s Value Today”. There are more reasons to choose NonStop today and we wanted to show how that value continues to grow.
  • Proactive Security and Threat Detection – it’s not that SIEMple
    Real-time threat detection is an indisputably critical element for maintaining operational integrity across a rapidly changing mission critical environment. Knowing
  • Remembering Esther Sanchez (May-June 2019)
    It is with deep sadness that HPE announces one of our former HPE NonStop colleagues Esther Sanchez’s passing. Esther was a passionate advocate of the technology and culture of NonStop and had a long history with the platform from her Base24 customer experiences in Spain.
  • From Hacker to Hackathon – History in the Making! (May-June 2019)
    The year 2018 marked a very important milestone for our company, Gravic, Inc. We hosted our first-ever hackathon, and it was a major success. After months of planning, scheduling, coordination, and approval, we successfully hosted what has now become a highly anticipated annual event.
  • Back for More (May-June 2019)
    This issue will be all about the processing of data – developing and implementing those all-important programs in support of mission critical transaction processing. In particular, the languages, tools methodologies, frameworks and much more that all play a role in creating the business logic necessary to process the data created by transactions. The two, data and processing have been linked since the very first computer was built and even today, there are those in the NonStop community that can recall being recruited to work in “data processing.” Of course, in the intervening years, so much has changed that, in order to remain competitive, businesses have long ago foregone the five and even three year planning cycles to where development and testing of business logic is now continuous.