MEXTUG 2024 Mexico City
The Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico.

The recent MexTUG event was a resounding success, attracting a record number of attendees and surpassing previous years’ achievements as HPE NonStop leaders, experts, and enthusiasts gathered to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in the industry. Engaging keynotes captivated participants fostering invaluable networking opportunities throughout the day. Once again, the beautiful Sofitel Reforma in the heart of Mexico City was the place to host such a wonderful event. Needless to say, the city views from that 40th floor were just breathtaking.

This year is a special one as we are all celebrating the HPE NonStop 50th anniversary. A Milestone that confirms how strong the NonStop platform is and that it is here to stay. Fabian Manfredi, NonStop Business Manager, visited us all the way from Argentina and opened the floor with a special message from HPE’s CEO Antonio Neri celebrating the NonStop anniversary with us. Fabian provided a great update on what the NonStop roadmap looks like and the things to look out for in the near future. It was a great presentation to showcase the big plans HPE has for the NonStop technology. It was also a great opportunity to introduce Neil Davis, General Manager NonStop EMEA & LATAM, to our NonStop Customers in Mexico. In the words of Neil, “there was a huge number of customer attendees, and possibly the most impressive location I can remember for a chapter meeting. Demonstrating HPE NonStop is alive and well in our 50th year!”. We were all thrilled to have Neil and the entire HPE team on-site celebrating the NonStop with us!

As for NonStop customer turnout, all attendance records were broken this year as the number of customers registered kept rising with still a lot of walk-ins on the day of the event. We were happy to see so many familiar faces and also excited to meet a whole new wave of young NonStop professionals joining the beautiful community we see in Mexico. There were lots of positive comments from everyone and it was a great opportunity for customers joining from different institutions, whether financial, banking, retailers, or payment processors, to network and get to know peers alike. Witnessing such an amazing group of people working and collaborating together gives you a very special perspective of the bright future the NonStop, as a mission-critical platform, has.

This event would not have been possible without the help and support from all NonStop Partners participating in the event. Partners that keep investing in a thriving market like Mexico and that keep supporting customers and adding value to the infrastructure in their fields of expertise. To all of you, we can only say THANK YOU! And thank you Kristi, Kelly, and Stacie, from Connect Worldwide. Your never-ending support is highly appreciated!

The evening ended with good music, delicious cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the hands of the prestigious Sofitel banquet team. Starting with a delicious margarita and a traditional “esquites” station was the best way to start socializing and creating those bonds that keep this community so united. By the way, when you visit Mexico you absolutely must try esquites! Little by little the attendees started leaving but not before thanking the organizers and Partners for such an amazing day, and expressing their great desire to continue having these events in the future.

See you all in 2025!


  • Gabriel Alvarez

    Gabriel Alvarez, while his previous work life was spent in a multinational oil Company working in India, Peru, and other places, has been a part of XYPRO Technology for the past 13 years working with the HPE NonStop community in Latin America and loving every minute of it. He has been able to work alongside both HPE and Customers from Mexico all the way to Argentina building important bonds all-around and becoming a trusted advisor when it comes to NonStop cybersecurity matters.

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