New Sentinel Release Enhances HPE NonStop Monitoring

Mike Mitsch, ETI-NET Director, Business Development, addressing the N2TUG attendees gathered in Dallas Texas
Mike Mitsch, ETI-NET Director, Business Development, addressing the N2TUG attendees gathered in Dallas Texas

There is still a number of local NonStop community member gatherings yet to be held, with the biggest event of the year in Monterey, TBC 2024 that is planned for the fall. NonStop TBC Conferences are an annual global gathering of all members of the NonStop community and they rarely disappoint the NonStop community members in attendance.  However, coming so soon after similar events were held regionally including Australia and Germany, it is perhaps at the local gathering where a better assessment of the NonStop community can be ascertained. With the most recent event having just concluded in Dallas, the N2TUG event, ETI-NET continues to promote recent additions to our products’ portfolio.

The addition of NonStop management solutions now integrated into the overall ETI-NET suite of products and capabilities is not going unnoticed. It isn’t always that you hear from major vendors like ETI-NET of making a larger investment in NonStop systems and with all that is being predicted for future NonStop product deliverables, this step-up in investments is being well received by the NonStop community. Not without risk and subject to calculations over the best way to market and then sell this expanded product portfolio has brought about an even closer working relationship between ETI-NET and the HPE NonStop team as well as fellow NonStop vendor XYPRO.  From this, the NonStop community can be assured that ETI-NET delivers true value to all constituents relying on NonStop.

In the previous issue of The Connection, reference was made to the latest enhancement to the ETI-NET product portfolio, Sentinel. In that article reference was made to the many historical occurrences of the protection afforded communities through the believed presence of sentinels. It was noted in that article that when it comes to the complex world of hybrid IT, where hardware, software, networks, and storage all come together the landscape this creates can only be described as having the potential to become hostile given how NonStop might become the target of unscrupulous individuals. Having the ETI-NET Sentinel product keeping watch made good business sense to ETI-NET.

“Sentinel for NonStop is unique in that it is not only a highly modernized software solution featuring much that draws heavily from open and industry-standard components but has been doing so for a very long time,” said Mike Mitsch, ETI-NET Director, Business Development.  “It is this longevity in the marketplace together with its low impact / light footprint that has caught the attention of the HPE NonStop community. Sentinel has been designed to be a dynamic operations and service management solution; it has continued to evolve alongside of the many changes that have occurred within NonStop and as we now know, embracing the many changes HPE plans for future NonStop offerings, it’s not surprising to read of just how valuable Sentinel has proved to be to those NonStop customers that rely on it for environment’s oversight.”

On May 2, 2024, ETI-NET announced the availability of Sentinel Release 1.1. As reported in the press release, with Sentinel 1.1, it extends the leadership position in NonStop Backup Storage Management as these new Sentinel features deliver enhanced NonStop Enterprise System Monitoring. In the press release SYSCOM who evaluated Sentinel’s latest release stated “these enhancements enable our clients to react faster, to streamline NonStop operations, and avoid potential deadlock situations” said Max Yang, Executive Director. “Combined with the automated configurations, this allows our clients to realize NonStop System monitoring enhancements faster, with less configuration errors.” Look for an upcoming Fireside chat on the ETI-NET web site resources page, discussing the latest Sentinel release and synergistic support for the rest of the ETI-NET product portfolio.

On the topic of synergistic support with Sentinel, ETI-NET recently released a MultiBatch Fireside chat where the when asked, “Does MultiBatch integrate well with say Sentinel and the rest of the ETI-NET product portfolio?” the response from Mike Mitsch was very telling. “Yes, with Sentinel, MultiBatch can not only be monitored, it can utilize Sentinel’s unique monitoring capability to assist operators in making decisions or create automating job streams to improve productivity.” And not just for MultiBatch but for core BackBox functions as well. “It’s still very early days in the product lifecycle, but NonStop customers can see a lot more coming from ETI-NET that cross-leverages many of the products making up the suite of ETI-NET products.

When it comes to what’s new in Sentinel 1.1, this can be best summarized with the following –

      • Sentinel Data Storage (SDS): Stores historical metrics including CPU,
        processes, and Disk metrics, which can be called upon by operators via the
        Grafana powered dashboards and delivered through customized reports. CPU
        metrics can be polled up to every 5 seconds, enabling users to continuously
        improve digital resilience.
      • Auto-Discovery: Offers an automated process to augment the manual
        process that allows Sentinel to automatically build and optimally configure
        critical hardware and software components in the NonStop environment.
      • Presentation: Virtual (SMF) and Physical Disks are now shown separately.
        Network and Storage CLIMs are also automatically discovered.
      • Status Monitor Trees: Adds monitoring for common processes to determine
        optimal operation and utilizes auto-discover to identify processes and to
        optimally configure.
      • Chinese BIG5: Supports the display of Chinese BIG5 encoded EMS events in
        the Console, creating a diverse environment to support multi-national staff.
      • Examine: Expands MQ capabilities to allow Sentinel to further analyze
        IBM_MQ events, associated MQ Reason Codes, MQ Queue Depth and Channel
        States, presenting the condition in the Sentinel Status Monitor allowing
        operators to prioritize workloads and eliminate queue fill up.
      • OSS Insight: Includes the ability to drill into Open System Software PIDs to
        monitor from within Sentinel to gain an understanding of the process status.
        Identifies files that are open, memory consumption, and other indicators give
        a clear indication of how mission-critical processes are performing.
      • TMF (Transaction Management Facility) Enhancement: New intelligence
        designed to identify long running transactions that have a file or record lock.

“Sentinel’s new features demonstrate ETI-NET’s commitment to continue to deliver advanced HPE NonStop enhanced management functionality.”  Said Benoit Caron, CEO of ETI-NET.  “The ability of Sentinel to deliver deeper insights to all aspects of the NonStop environment, including ETI-NET BackBox, QoreStor, C-Deep, MQGate and MultiBatch products, ensures NonStop Clients can realize standardized support and unmatched interoperability, through a single purchasing and contracting mechanism.” To read this press release in full, visit the ETI-NET web site and turn to the page, News & Insights.

Now that news has broken about this latest release of Sentinel for NonStop providing a world-class system monitoring capability for mission-critical operations, NonStop customers can turn their attention to the deployment of a NonStop Enterprise System Monitoring solution that has been designed such that modern enterprises everywhere can rely upon Sentinel to monitor and manage their tasks without interruption. And mark your calendars for the upcoming NonStop TBC 2024 where you will hear even more about the full products’ portfolio from ETI-NET.

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