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Tango V8 – An Implementation of Microservices Architecture

Lusis Payments

Lusis Payments is a leading global innovator of mission-critical payments software and data science technology. Established in France in 1999, Lusis has offices throughout Europe and North America with customers globally. In 2010, Lusis Payments was created to focus on the payments industry. Lusis is best known for its TANGO solution, an online transaction processing engine for mission-critical 24×7 solutions including payments, retail, loyalty, finance, fraud, utilities, and transport. TANGO delivers performance, availability, and scalability, with a rich set of functionalities, all from a single architecture. TANGO is built on a highly performing micro-service architecture providing agile delivery for business needs. Lusis has also made significant advancements in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, FX Trading, ISO 20022, Fraud and Blockchain.

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Shadowbase Software: Synchronous Replication

Jonathan Ziegler

My name is Jonathan Ziegler, and I have worked at Gravic for 12 years. I currently manage the Shadowbase software development group, spanning NonStop, Linux, Windows, and a variety of other technologies. Before I jump into our new Early Code Drop (ECD) program for HPE Shadowbase synchronous replication, I was asked to share a bit about my background.

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Crystal Point: The NonStop Connectivity Bunch

Janice Reeder-Highleyman

Every company has an origin story, and company names aren’t always created from the obvious. Steve Jobs branded his company Apple Computer after he returned home from working in an apple orchard.  Jeff Bezos wanted his tiny business to become as big as the Amazon River, the largest in the world. Google was supposed to be named Googol, a math term for ten to the one-hundredth power.  But when the name was misspelled as Google during a domain name search, the decision was made to register the mistake.

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The Next Generation of NonStop Technology: Meet NonStop Under 40 (NSU40)

Stacie Neall

Three years ago, Navid Khodayari, President of Idelji Corp., and Kristi Elizondo, CEO of Connect Worldwide, started an ongoing conversation. Throughout their travels, to various TUGs around the world, they continued to craft ways that promote and invest in the next generation of NonStop practitioners. In 2016 an informal breakout session was held at NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Jose. Navid remembers that he had no agenda for the meeting other than to get people together and see what everyone wanted to talk about, “everyone started talking and, just like that, NSU40 was born.” He became the first president, and establishing the first Board of Directors came next, including representation from customers, partners, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Education and marketing were high on the list, and the door opened for an online message board for member engagement.