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CSP: Keeping NonStop community’s secrets safe

Henry Fonseca

Can you keep a secret? How often have we heard or used that expression? In certain circles, the surest way to spread a story is to suggest that it is secret, even top secret, but for those involved in IT, this is far from the truth.

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The Flipside

Gaye Clemson

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a northern California dog rescue organization letting me know that there were a number of Bernese Mountain Dogs, rescued from an Ohio puppy mill, who needed ‘forever’ homes.

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A Note from Connect Leadership

Sue Robinson

Happy 2023 Connect Community members. As the new President of Connect, I wanted to extend my thanks to Marty Edelman, who you have been reading his ‘Note from the Connect Leadership’ in the magazine for the last few years.


Discover A Greener Future: A Payments Perspective

David Smith

Many financial services companies are operating on technology stacks that aren’t up to the challenge of today’s market. Incredibly, some banks are operationally dependent on technology that was installed in the ’70s or ’80s.

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How to Protect Your Online Presence and Critical Infrastructure from Emerging Cyber Threats

Ugan Naidoo

The COVID-19 pandemic led to increased digitization of businesses and as a result, created new opportunities for cybercriminals who actively exploited the health crisis and weak links in enterprises who were trying to adjust to the new reality. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has also triggered an escalation in the number of state-sponsored actors targeting critical infrastructure with DDoS attacks. Criminal syndicates, smaller players, and opportunistic criminals – all benefited from the turmoil.

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The Factory of the Future is 100% Digital

Peter Grendel

Digitization continues to advance in the manufacturing sector. However, there is a risk that information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) will become even more complex and confusing.

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HPE GreenLake for Payments: The Trusted Retail Payments Solution

Brian Miller

HPE GreenLake for Payments is the most powerful and complete solution for Retail payments and is fully capable of handling both card-based, and non-card, consumer payments. The HPE GreenLake for Payments solution is based on the world-leading TANGO software from Lusis Payments, deployed on the highly cost effective HPE systems, and is backed by HPE’s pedigree track-record in the migration and operation of mission critical systems. Delivered through HPE GreenLake, customers get a pay per use, scalable, managed solution, delivered as a Service.

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Remembering Ernie Guerrera

NuWave Technologies

Ernest “Ernie” Guerrera, founder of NuWave Technologies and treasured long-time member of the HPE NonStop community, passed away recently and left many friends and loved ones behind. He touched many lives with his kindness, his words of wisdom, and his sense of humor. In the NonStop industry, as elsewhere, Ernie was admired, well-respected, and is remembered fondly.

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One on One with a Data Architect: How to Harvest your Data to Make Smarter Business Decisions

Greg Hunt

Most companies fail to recognize their operational data is their most valued asset simply because it doesn’t appear directly on any financial statements. Data holds valuable insight into organizational productivity, customer habits, and proactive decision making. Unfortunately, most businesses fall short of utilizing their data to its fullest potential.

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The Power of NonStop Data Analytics

Joel Sandberg

Twenty years ago, data analytics was a field reserved for geeks and academics, something discussed during breaks in lectures on chaos theory. The idea was to take a very random system, with lots of seemingly disparate data, and be able to tie that tangled web of data together so that meaningful outcomes could be predicted. The most obvious example is weather forecasting, which involves analyzing all the earth’s atmospheric randomness in terms of ever-changing temperature, moisture, and wind, somehow using that data to tell people to bring an umbrella to that 1 pm picnic a week from Saturday.

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NonStop beats accidental complexity where others hit a wall

Roland Lemoine

The topic of essential versus accidental complexity goes back to ancient Greece in a classification from Aristotle. But we can go just 30 years back instead of 3000 to find it well illustrated in software development, by Fred Brooks, a Turing award winner. In his 1987 essay “No Silver Bullet” he introduces two concepts, essential complexity and accidental complexity. Essential complexity is inherent to the problem the software needs to solve and cannot be removed.


Answering the modern database challenge: Introducing HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition

Vikas Kapor

Databases and servers operated by enterprises today are large and complex. Every business is transforming, and data is the lifeblood of every organization. The growth of data and its importance has been a top executive priority. Equally important: Grappling with top technology trends such as analytics, AI, IoT, containers, VR/AR, and cloud/edge computing—all of with the common denominator of being data-driven. Learn how HPE NonStop SQL Cloud Edition is up to the challenge.

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NonStop Collaboration / Networking Is Key to TANDsoft’s Success

Janice Reeder-Highleyman

TANDsoft Consultants Inc. was incorporated in March 1993.  It began as a consulting firm because it was a reliable means by which Jack could earn revenue.  Jack oversaw the company’s technical arm, and Amanda ran administration and finance. The goal, however, was to develop products.

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Tango V8 – An Implementation of Microservices Architecture

Lusis Payments

Lusis Payments is a leading global innovator of mission-critical payments software and data science technology. Established in France in 1999, Lusis has offices throughout Europe and North America with customers globally. In 2010, Lusis Payments was created to focus on the payments industry. Lusis is best known for its TANGO solution, an online transaction processing engine for mission-critical 24×7 solutions including payments, retail, loyalty, finance, fraud, utilities, and transport. TANGO delivers performance, availability, and scalability, with a rich set of functionalities, all from a single architecture. TANGO is built on a highly performing micro-service architecture providing agile delivery for business needs. Lusis has also made significant advancements in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, FX Trading, ISO 20022, Fraud and Blockchain.