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Can you keep a secret? How often have we heard or used that expression? In certain circles, the surest way to spread a story is to suggest that it is secret, even top secret, but for those involved in IT, this is far from the truth. The secrets we keep have to do with remaining competitive, even as the specifics often extend to information that needs to be kept private to be kept private.

Organizations must secure data stored within critical applications and protect it from any activities aimed at compromising its integrity. Organizations must also quickly detect and suppress malicious attempts at penetrating the corporate infrastructure. Nothing is more damaging to an enterprise’s reputation than to see its defenses breached and its secrets revealed. No amount of apologizing can make up for the harm a security breach can cause to an enterprise.

It’s no secret for the HPE NonStop community how Computer Security Products Inc., (CSP) has been protecting the information collected by applications running on NonStop systems. CSP has been at the forefront of ensuring that data and critical applications are kept safe. Today, CSP is recognized worldwide as a leader in NonStop security management, with many clients in the banking, telecommunications, medical, and financial service sectors. For 35 years, CSP’s focus has not changed, to provide the highest quality and most cost-effective security and compliance solutions for the NonStop platform. Whether it is for information processed by Guardian or OSS applications, the result is the same, CSP ensures that no unauthorized access will go unnoticed.

Our mandate is to assist the members of the NonStop community in safeguarding their data while ensuring their secrets are never revealed. As an independent vendor, we continue to develop new products and enhance our existing offerings to increase their value. Our longevity within the NonStop community demonstrates our commitment to providing best-in-class security solutions for both the Guardian and OSS environments.

That dedication is on display whenever there is a NonStop event. CSP is committed to supporting the NonStop community wherever these events take place. We understand that security is not localized. Security risks have global implications. Ensuring every NonStop user understands our product portfolio is CSP’s goal, and it fuels our enthusiasm to engage in a vibrant NonStop community. Considering all the events planned for 2023, we can say that returning to in-person events represents new opportunities to engage with NonStop users. That has been absent during the years of the global pandemic.

CSP has been an HPE partner for many decades. The company has also been a strong supporter of the Connect community. Whether through the support of Connect events or by providing content for user and vendor publications, including The Connection, Connect Now, and NonStop Insider, CSP strives to ensure that the NonStop community understands all the issues associated with the changing security landscape. It is no accident that CSP’s presence, in person or through the media, remains a cornerstone of our support for the NonStop community. Our continuous engagement with the NonStop community also informs our vision for the direction of our company. It motivates us to innovate and deliver the best security solutions for the NonStop platform. Beginning with support for both Guardian and OSS, the move to virtualization, the rise of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and the inroads into cloud services are happening even among the staunchest supporters of NonStop, CSP is keeping the needs of the NonStop community foremost in all that CSP pursues.

The importance CSP places on NonStop community events, traditional publications, and social media dialogues represent the best way to ensure the products available to the NonStop community are tracking their actual needs. No other vehicle is better suited to communicating the requirements of the NonStop community than simply having a conversation with a NonStop user. CSP has a holistic approach to security. By communicating with our customers, maintaining an open dialogue with the NonStop community, investing in cutting-edge technology, and staying informed of the latest requirements, we feel confident that our customer’s secrets are always kept safe. While organizations are faced with numerous security risks, none hold more potential damage than ransomware, and concerning ransomware, CSP is acutely aware that the NonStop community needs access to the best possible solutions.

These types of ransomware attacks have given rise to the Zero-Trust security model. A zero-trust security model can improve an organization’s overall security position, especially when dealing with mobile workforces or hybrid workspace environments. The basic principle of a zero-trust security model is to avoid blindly trusting every element within the corporate network. Organizations should always authenticate users, applications, and devices that try to access the network, whether internal or external to the organization.

A typical Zero-Trust model for NonStop systems might include validating identity, aligning appropriate access management, and implementing technologies such as multi-factor authentication. “This is becoming better known across the NonStop community. To this end, CSP provides CSP Authenticator+®, which can be used as a Safeguard SEEP or with Pathway and non-Pathway applications. Almost any application, including TACL, can now easily support multi-factor authentication.

However, many organizations that use the NonStop platform operate in the financial services industry. That means they must also worry about complying with different regulations. The presence of end-user information, cardholder data, and other financial information makes securing these applications a priority. When it comes to enforcing the protection of personal information, it is important to understand the significance of the PCI Security Standards Council and PCI-DSS v4.0.

Any organization that stores, processes, or transmits payment card cardholder information must comply with all PCI DSS requirements. CSP is one of the leading suppliers of solutions for PCI DSS compliance on NonStop systems. When it comes to the CSP product portfolio, NonStop users can turn to CSP’s Verify Elite™ for a complete security compliance solution that can continuously monitor their NonStop systems to ensure compliance with security standards, including PCI DSS but also extending to include compliance elsewhere such as mandated by SOX, HIPAA, and GDPR. Verify Elite™ features security compliance monitoring, file integrity monitoring, and a multi-node file set compare feature that puts Compliance At Your Fingertips™.”

If you have any questions regarding zero trust, ransomware, and compliance, we would love to talk to you if you are at one of these upcoming events. We understand the importance of implementing effective security strategies to secure critical applications and protect your NonStop systems. We can establish the fortress that today’s data-centric enterprise requires. To learn more about our NonStop security solutions, check out our website.

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