SunTUG 2023 Recap

Sean Bicknell

What better way to start the annual NonStop Conference calendar than with a trip to SunTUG in Florida?!
Many thanks to Pat, Teri and the SunTUG team for organising a great event and many thanks to all attendees who helped make it one of my favourite events of the year… the less said about our team’s golf performance the better, though!


uLinga for Kafka – Now with Kafka Consumer Support

Andrew Price

HPE NonStop users are becoming more familiar with Kafka, as Kafka in turn becomes more and more prevalent inside those large environments where the NonStop platform is often present.  Kafka is being used by thousands of companies, including 60% of the Fortune 100. 


Native LOBs in SQL/MX Featured by Python on NonStop

Frans Jongma

Native Large-Objects (LOBs) were introduced in NonStop SQL/MX release 3.8 and replace the previous implementation of LOBs for JDBC in which the driver manages the LOBs. That previous implementation is still available, however, migration to the native LOBs is recommended.


Enhance Your NSDA Reports with Graphs the Easy Way

Paul Denzinger

NSDA is a modern, browser-based tool used to collect, analyze, and manage workloads from NonStop SQL. The graphical user interface displays SQL workload information and system resource usage in real-time and retains key performance metrics and query plans in its repository for later analysis.  NSDA is an invaluable tool for customers using non-embedded SQL applications with complex query workloads.


Journey to Virtualization: A Day in the life of a software developer

Shiva Subramanian

I’d like to take you on my journey to NonStop Virtualization. It was not accomplished in a day, I must confess. It was more like a month in the life of a software developer. But time flies by when you’re doing something you love. As a developer, I was always aware of how small a cog I am in the giant spinning wheel of IT. Just like a system administrator, a network engineer, a tester or a project manager. I’ve always been intrigued to find out what laid on the other side of the grass, so I ventured to find out.  

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Leader's notes

A Note from Connect Leadership

Sue Robinson

So as the sunlight starts to get lighter throughout the day in the UK, it makes me feel very happy that we are entering our Spring season. Although we know in the UK, you can encounter Four Seasons in one day! We all have seen some tremendous, interesting weather patterns these last few months – which meant snow in California!

HPE Mission Critical

News from HPE’s NonStop Division

Roland Lemoine

Reviewing the topics that were covered at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in January is a good way to get some highlights not only on what some of the current world challenges are but also to realize how those are so closely connected to the great challenges of our IT industry.

Cover Story

CSP: Keeping NonStop community’s secrets safe

Henry Fonseca

Can you keep a secret? How often have we heard or used that expression? In certain circles, the surest way to spread a story is to suggest that it is secret, even top secret, but for those involved in IT, this is far from the truth.

In Every Issue

The Flipside

Gaye Clemson

According to recent articles on the HR Exchange Network website by Michael Arena, the former Vice President of Talent Management & Development at Amazon Web Services (AWS), research has shown that though ‘Bonding Connections’ held  up pretty well through the pandemic and the ongoing transition to more permanent hybrid work, ‘bridging connections’ have nose dived.


Real Time View

Richard Buckle

For the better part of the past two centuries, there is barely a time when modernization isn’t the subject of conversation. Attend any gallery opening, any new musical or any open house and very quickly the conversation turns to whether or not the item represents modernism. In other words, is it an indicator of things to come or is it just more of the same.

Nonstop Trends and Wins

NonStop Trends & Wins

Justin Simonds

IceFire is standard-fare ransomware.  It is a kind known as ‘big-game hunting’ (BGH) ransomware.  What is BGH ransomware? It is a kind of ransomware that is characterized by a double extortion model that targets large enterprises, using numerous persistence mechanisms.  It is very hard to detect since it covers it tracks by deleting log files.