NTI: NonStop Customers executing due-diligence to find they have more options

An attentive audience early in the day in Dallas as N2TUG 2024 participants weigh the value of choice
An attentive audience early in the day in Dallas as N2TUG 2024 participants weigh the value of choice

Across the United States, the past couple of weeks have seen a wide audience sitting on the edge of their couches watching the annual NFL Football draft. This is a process whereby the best-performing college players seek to add to their sporting resumes by being selected by a major professional team. All the effort put into training, learning, and executing what is almost a two-decade-long process for some might end in euphoria for some, even as the hopes of others are dashed. It is a time when teams make important decisions and where time spent watching candidates’ films leads to choices that affect hundreds of players’ livelihoods.

Once selected, change will happen overnight as the player stacking grocery shelves walks away with multi-million-dollar contracts, and that’s just the beginning. The step up from college to professional heralds an almost continuous demand to absorb change and to adapt to the new team’s playbook even as expectations are high that, this time, the teams’ choice of player will prove transformational. In business, these are key factors in determining the resilience of the vendor, just as they apply equally to successful NFL teams.

Change is as constant as the days of summer are long. For the HPE NonStop community, a new era of change looms as the NonStop product takes on the challenges faced today by all major enterprises. The direction that these NonStop customers will take will have ramifications for years to come and whether as transformational as is expected by professional football teams, nevertheless, the expectations about the potential on hand with the new products and solutions, has these NonStop customers becoming more attuned to carrying out their own due diligence.

Not from watching film that features one solution or another, although increasingly, podcasts are being treated with greater seriousness than at any time in the past, rather from participating in local NonStop community events where you can hear competing claims and promotions with the opportunity to ask questions and to follow up with the NonStop vendors present for the event. For the NTI team, attendance at the NonStop community events has been recognized as having the best potential to address due diligence assignments. As such, we are throwing our full support behind RUG events, wherever they are being held around the globe.

And always, it’s the same story; looking at deploying the best solution that aligns best with the strategic direction of the NonStop customer. At NTI, we have championed the cause of the NonStop customers. It is they who are executing to a strategy derived from a vision espoused by the enterprise. It is the NonStop vendors who then absorb these needs and adjust their own product roadmaps. Once again, this redirects the spotlight back on the NonStop customer as their most important consideration is to always perform due diligence on any product or solution under consideration.

“A common understanding within the investment community is diversified risk,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director of Worldwide Sales. “The same is true across the NonStop third-party vendor space.  A ‘buy what we have for convenience’ sales approach versus ‘seek the best for our requirements’ strategy as we see happening today simply incurs too much risk for the enterprise.” It can be said about professional football teams that there isn’t any real alternative to selecting the best player available for any team position that has a requirement for a marquee player that will bring about change.

NTI, with our DRNet®/Unified product portfolio, has enjoyed recent wins because the NonStop customers performed due diligence. What separates DRNet®/Unified from the competition is that in addition to being the premier data replication offering it brings to bear change data capture (CDC) methodologies requiring no additional products to be present – DRNet®/Unified does it all – migrations become a much simpler undertaking. An architecture that is as superior as it is complete, accommodating, as it does, both non-TMF data alongside TMF protected data.

Nowhere is this more factual than when it comes to migration from Oracle GoldenGate to DRNet®/Unified. With the release of a special packaging of DRNet® as DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversion, expertise reinforced with the most recent migrations makes moving to DRNet®/Unified a much easier decision. NTI has the expertise at hand and, in light of recent successes, has increased its staffing level to better accommodate addressing the needs of NonStop customers.

“NTI encourages thorough due diligence when considering alternative data replication solutions and, in the process, try to ignore the ‘fog of misinformation’ that has become prevalent of late while asking the tough, comparative questions that need to be asked,” said Tim Dunne. “Although the technical capabilities of the three primary solution providers are eerily similar, the value propositions are vastly different. NonStop customers should consider all available choices to determine what is best for their specific needs. Of paramount importance is having a direct line of sight with the chosen vendor, without layers of intervention adding little to situation resolution, together with the comprehensive nature of the product. License and support costs cannot be overlooked either, as can be the access to real-world experts current in their knowledge of NonStop.”

Whether your business needs to extend its support of external databases or is focused on migrations, then you will have ample time to discuss your needs with the NTI team present at NonStop community events, wherever they are held. Your strategic direction is of real importance to us. The flexibility NTI has exhibited over the past two years to package DRNet® to meet better changing market requirements is further tangible evidence that, like the players chosen for the team, it is all about absorbing, adapting, and transforming.

NTI is leading the push by NonStop vendors to apply these same principles to all they pursue. This begs the question, at a time when resilience dominates the headlines, is your NonStop vendor truly engaged in executing a similar game plan? Should you miss out on opportunities to attend upcoming NonStop community events or miss hearing our keys to NonStop vendor resilience presentation or stopping by our booth or table when they are being held and you would like to know more about the DRNet®/Unified product portfolio, simply call the number below or email us at any time at:


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