Explain it to me

Kathy Wood

My sons went to public elementary school before we started homeschooling. At the earliest opportunity, they were put in ‘honors’ math. Suddenly I was exposed to new teaching methods and had to


HPE NonStop DevOps

Kamala Sreenivasan

The DevOps approach has gained significant momentum over the past decade as today’s enterprises require shorter development and deployment cycles to gain faster time to market and obtain fast feedback for improvement.


News from HPE’s NonStop Division

Roland Lemoine

This is the time of the year where we reflect on what we’ve accomplished in the year and writing HPE’s newsletter for The Connection magazine is certainly a good opportunity to share that perspective with our community. First, 2023 is going into the records as a fantastic year.

Nonstop Trends and Wins
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NonStop Trends & Wins

Justin Simonds

There’s an old Star Trek episode called “requiem for methuselah” with a very poignant ending. Captain Kirk has fallen in love with a woman who subsequently died and Lirk is mourning her deeply.

In Every Issue

Real Time View

Richard Buckle

Strolling through the local mall I came across this simple sign. Yes, I can explain everything … well, sort of! For starters as you read this column,