Tech Wizards Unite! NuWave’s LightWaveTM and S3UtilsTM Casting Spells on the Industry


In an era characterized by rapid technological evolution, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. NuWave Technologies has remained at the forefront of NonStop technological innovation, delivering solutions that empower businesses to evolve and thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape. This year, NuWave has upheld its tradition of innovation, enhancing the LightWave ecosystem and launching a new product S3UtilsTM 

In this article, we will explore how NuWave’s technical achievements and innovative solutions, particularly through the LightWave and S3UtilsTM products, are shaping a more seamless and integrated tech landscape with a significant impact on our customers and the industry.


Part I: LightWave’s Leap Forward 

1.1 SOAPam Client Compatibility Mode

The announcement of SOAPam’s end of service life in September 2024 posed significant challenges for customers reliant on this technology for mission-critical applications. But what if these customers could retain their SOAPam applications while transitioning to the more modern REST/JSON frameworks? SOAPam Compatibility in LightWave has made this possible.

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

To ensure a seamless shift for current SOAPam Client users towards more modern REST services, NuWave has implemented a SOAPam Client compatibility feature within LightWave ClientTM. This compatibility mode allows applications initially developed for SOAPam Client to be seamlessly migrated to LightWave ClientTM without necessitating any changes to the application code.

1.2 How Does SOAPam Client Compatibility Mode Work?

The migration process from SOAPam Client to LightWave ClientTM is straightforward and involves the following steps:`

  • Conversion of SOAPam Client Definitions Files (CDF) to LightWave Client API definitions using the LWCCOM utility.
  • Reconfiguration of the existing SOAPAMCP server class to run the LightWave ClientTM CLIENT process.
  • Configuration of the CLIENT server class to run in compatibility mode using compatibility startup options.
  • Additional modifications to the server class configuration to match the CLIENT process options with the SOAPAMCP process options.
  • Starting the reconfigured server class and application, with no modifications to the client application necessary.
1.2(a) Existing SOAPam Client application

1.2(b) LightWave ClientTM in SOAPamⓇ Client compatibility mode

1.2(c) Additionally, we are developing SOAPamⓇ Server compatibility for LightWave ServerTM

1.3 Is It a Full-Featured SOAP Solution?

While the compatibility mode provides a pathway for existing SOAPam Client applications, it is not a complete SOAP Server/Client solution. NuWave is considering the development of a comprehensive SOAP solution on the LightWave platform and is actively seeking feedback to gauge user interest.

1.4 Availability

The client compatibility feature is now generally available. SOAPam Server compatibility for LightWave ServerTM, will begin early adopter testing in Q4 of 2023 with general availability expected at the end of Q1 of 2024.

Part II: Unveiling S3UtilsTM

S3UtilsTM is a packaged solution designed to transfer objects between any Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) compatible object storage service and the HPE NonStop Server Guardian file system. It enables HPE NonStop Server customers to efficiently manage data by reading or writing objects to or from S3 storage, streamlining the process of archiving data or transferring it to various stakeholders. With the growing demand for scalable and robust storage solutions, S3UtilsTM positions itself as an essential tool by leveraging the widespread adoption and reliability of AWS S3.

The Challenge

Accessing S3 storage from the NonStop platforms, especially within the Guardian environment, presents unique challenges. Although S3-compatible object storage services are increasingly popular for their cost-effective and durable nature, there has been a notable lack of integration tools for the HPE NonStop Server Guardian environment. This gap has been particularly significant for online transaction processing (OLTP) applications, which are critical for NonStop Server operations.

2.2 How Does S3UtilsTM Work?

S3UtilsTM facilitates seamless integration with S3 object storage in both the batch and OLTP Guardian environments. It is comprised of two components:

2.2.1 The S3COM Utility

This command-line interface to S3 storage, compatible with the Guardian COM program model, provides interactive access to S3 from the TACL command line. After some simple configuration, users can transfer files to and from S3 storage. The utility also provides the ability to copy, list, delete, or move objects within the object store. And since the utility follows the COM program model, it can be scripted using TACL macros.

2.2.2 The S3SERV Process

Deployed as a standalone server or TS/MP server class, S3SERV provides integration with S3 object storage services via a simple IPM-based application programming interface. This facilitates existing or new NonStop applications to integrate with S3 storage as part of their online transaction processing.

2.3 Core Benefits

The introduction of S3UtilsTM brings several benefits, including:

  • Modernization of programmatic access to existing enterprise applications.
  • Faster response to changing business demands.
  • Secure transactions with partners and customers using AWS.
  • Integration with internal and external third-party applications.

By harnessing the data and functionality of existing NonStop applications, businesses can unlock new revenue streams through the introduction of innovative business services and the expansion of existing ones.

2.4 Financial and Strategic Advantages

The financial advantages of S3UtilsTMinclude extending the value of NonStop applications and data, and positioning IT organizations to adopt new technology with minimal effort.
Strategically, S3UtilsTM enables secure data exchange with partners and customers through AWS S3 as a trusted medium. It allows businesses to adapt to partners using AWS connectivity without incurring significant software development costs. Furthermore, it facilitates business expansion to increase market share and supports the incremental migration to modern, standards-based technology.

2.5 Availability

S3UtilsTM is currently looking for adopters, with General Availability (GA) expected at the end of the fourth quarter of 2023.

Charting the Path Forward with NuWave

As we reflect on the progress made this year, NuWave Technologies is not just keeping pace with the industry; we are setting the standard. The advancements in LightWave and S3UtilsTM reflect our commitment to delivering solutions that are attuned to and proactively address the evolving needs of our customers.

Our SOAPam compatibility mode in LightWave is a testament to our forward-thinking approach. By enabling a seamless transition from SOAPam Client to LightWave ClientTM, we ensure that our customers can continue to leverage their existing investments while positioning themselves for future growth and innovation. This balance of preserving the past while embracing the future is a cornerstone of our philosophy at NuWave Technologies.

Similarly, the introduction of S3UtilsTM marks a significant stride in our journey to break down barriers and facilitate seamless integration. In a world where data is the lifeblood of business operations, ensuring that our customers can easily archive, transfer, and manage their data is paramount. S3UtilsTM is not just a tool; it is a gateway that opens possibilities for our customers to harness the full power of S3-compatible object storage systems.

As we look towards the future, our commitment to innovation remains unwavering. The updates and improvements to LightWave throughout the year are a clear indication of our dedication to making our solutions more robust, secure, and user-friendly. We understand that the technological landscape is ever-changing, and we are fully committed to evolving with it, ensuring that our customers have access to the best tools and technologies available.

At NuWave Technologies, we believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation. Our journey is not just about what we create; it’s about what we create together with our customers. As we continue to explore and develop fully featured solutions on the LightWave platform, we are excited to hear from our customers, learn from their experiences, and work together to build a future that is limited only by our collective imagination.

In conclusion, the technical achievements of this year reflect our passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence. We are proud of what we have accomplished, but we are even more excited about what lies ahead.

Join us as we continue to innovate, inspire, and lead the way towards a technologically advanced future that is full of possibilities.


  • Dave Belliveau

    Dave Belliveau is the CTO of NuWave Technologies and has spent more than 30 years developing middleware for HPE NonStop servers. Before joining NuWave, Dave was the architect and developer of Remote Server Call, the original NonStop client/server middleware. That experience, combined with his work on NuWave's next-generation SOAP and REST middleware products, makes Dave one of the leading experts on NonStop modernization and cloud integration.

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