IR Boosts HPE NonStop with Business Insights

In the dynamic world of IT infrastructure, HPE NonStop servers play a pivotal role across various industries, from financial services and telecommunications to retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities. These industries come with their unique challenges and distinct requirements, making the deployment and monitoring of NonStop servers a multifaceted task. To compound the complexity, different functional groups and leadership teams within these organizations often need access to information in diverse formats. Unfortunately, not all teams find it straightforward to interpret the data presented in these reports.

IR – a leading global performance management and analytics provider for IT Infrastructure and Payment systems launched the NonStop Business Insight product to empower these HPE NonStop customers.

What is Business Insight?

Business Insight enables customers to view the HPE NonStop server performance and monitoring availability in easy-to-consume formats for the broader organization.

It is a solution from IR that leverages the SQL server stack to provide automated reporting on essential NonStop performance metrics and trends. While its versatility is a standout feature, several other critical attributes set it apart:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: Business Insight provides complete coverage of NonStop deployments in the organization. Regardless of the scale and complexity of your infrastructure, it provides a holistic view that ensures no performance issue goes unnoticed.

2. User-friendly reporting: Business Insight offers reports in easy-to-consume formats, making NonStop server performance and monitoring availability accessible to the entire organization. Reports can be scheduled and delivered in PDF and Excel, ensuring that stakeholders receive information in a way that suits their needs.

3. Customization Capabilities: Business Insight is not just about pre-built reports; it enables users to create custom and ad hoc reports, tailored to meet specific requirements.

Challenges Business Insight can Resolve

In the realm of HPE NonStop servers, many challenges are pervasive, affecting organizations across industries. Some of the commonly encountered hurdles in the payments industry, for example, include:

  • Adapting to a Shifting Landscape: The rapidly changing payments landscape presents technical challenges and demands adaptability.
  • Managing Transaction Surges: The surge in electronic payments results in increased transaction volumes, testing the limits of server infrastructure.
  • Integrating New Payment Types: The quest to integrate new payment types and services requires seamless coordination.
  • Harnessing Payment Data: Effectively monetizing payment data becomes a necessity for revenue growth.
  • Tackling Ongoing Maintenance: Routine system maintenance can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.
  • NonStop Expertise Shortage: The shortage of NonStop-knowledgeable employees can create knowledge gaps.
  • Enterprise Monitoring Demands: The pressure to adopt enterprise-level monitoring tools adds to the complexity.

The IR Infrastructure’s Business Insight feature is designed to address these common challenges. It brings automation, visibility, and knowledge-sharing capabilities to organizations, enabling them to tackle issues in real time and maintain end-to-end observability in the ever-evolving and mission-critical landscape of HPE NonStop servers.


  • Jamie Pearson

    Senior Product Manager – Payments and Infrastructure, IR

    Having joined IR in 1996, Jamie is a key member of the Payments and Infrastructure product team. This team is responsible for the planning and delivery of leading-edge solutions to customers, along with providing around-the-globe support for IR’s product offerings.
    Jamie has over 25 years of experience working with customers to help them unlock insights in their data. An expert in payment analytics, he provides counsel and guidance to banks and financial institutions on exploring new ways to get relevant and timely insights to drive business decisions, in the age of advanced analytics and machine learning.

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