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Festivities that remind us of our heritage 

Strolling through the local mall, I came across this simple sign. Yes, I can explain everything … well, sort of! For starters, as you read this column, I will be back home in Colorado, having spent the last several weeks in and around New Zealand and Australia. Should you have happened upon any of my more recent blog posts, you will have noticed that these travels have continued to be an educational experience. Then again, our family heritage is deeply rooted in travel; with that, the constant learning that accompanies every journey is the most important ingredient when it comes to storytelling.  

In my previous column, I wrote about our expectations for the upcoming NonStop TBC 2023 Conference (TBC 2023). In part, those expectations included observations as to whether we would be finding presents under the NonStop “Christmas Tree” this yearIn short, would the NonStop community find unexpected gifts coming from the NonStop team? There was more to this than simply looking for gifts from the NonStop team, as there were words of encouragement to the greater NonStop community to share their good news with the NonStop team. After all, at this time of year, it is the sharing of gifts that is part and parcel of the celebrations that accompany the season.  

As a community, what is the heritage of NonStop? What is it that has been handed down to us and has become ingrained within each of us that we identify with and view as a tradition? Fault Tolerance may have given us life technology-wise, but is there more to it than simply an architecture or platform? Like children appealing to their parents at this time of year with the admonition that yes, can they have an opportunity to explain past indiscretions with the understanding that given the right words, all will be forgiven and presents will be forthcoming? However, for NonStop to have enjoyed one of the longest runs in the technology field, there is more than just the nuts and bolts and the bits and bytes. It is the sense of community and shared experiences that maintain NonStop’s participation in the conversation. 

Recent conferences and events have only gone to reinforce the value proposition of the community. In the lead-up to TBC 2023, I participated in numerous conversations with those tasked with organizing the conference. Joining with Mark Pollans and Roland Lemoine of product management and Vikas Kapoor of product marketing, the agenda’s conference theme and substance were carefully orchestrated. These behind-the-scenes activities culminated in at least two calls a week with many email exchanges resulting in the focus on Digital Resilience with an additional focus on modernization, virtualization, and SQL. As the heritage of NonStop is deeply rooted in availability, these themes resonated well with the NonStop community. 

As TBC 2023 began to fade from memory, my initial blog posts were met with some concern but as with children who plead with their parents at this time of year, let me explain. Conferences and events are a constant work in progress where nothing can be taken for granted and yes, the audience holds all the keys to creating a successful community event. Clearly, the Connect organization plays an important role just as the NonStop team does, as well, and of course, there would be a less enjoyable event if NonStop vendors didn’t step up to sponsor as they did this year. Being NonStop and being available 24 x 7 x forever has its upsides. However, being able to hear about new deployments remains paramount and continues to be the key to the success of all NonStop events. 

What went well for this year’s TBC 2023? It has become well recognized that NonStop is an active participant in hybrid IT and as such, integration at the process and data level warrants coverage. Migrations from legacy tools and solutions represent topics that are equally as important. Adding new logos by way of new sales is perhaps the icing on the cake as the NonStop community welcomes all news about growth within the community. Hearing about the future from the most senior leadership within HPE gave us plenty of food for thought. For all these deliverables, the NonStop team delivered, and the conference was clearly a success. No additional explanations were needed; the overall energy visibly generated by TBC 2023 is already having a positive impact on the support for events planned for 2024. 

VNUG and BITUG will hold their own events as this publication goes live, and already news of the next pan-European GTUG event has begun to circulate. Looking at the calendar at the growing list of festivities, otherwise known as RUG gatherings, in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and beyond, it is clear that the presence of NonStop remains truly global. While I cannot escape my own heritage and will be present at many of these events being planned that involve commitments to travel, what stands out to me as I pencil in my calendar for 2024 is the willingness of the community to hear more about NonStop. The topic of the latest news from the NonStop team is always a strong promotional selling point for the organizers of any NonStop conference or event. Still, perhaps the true meaning of heritage is simply one of consistency. The story of NonStop is as relevant today as it has ever been over the almost half a century of its existence. And that is a reality for which no further explanations are required.  


  • Richard Buckle

    Richard Buckle is the founder and CEO of Pyalla Technologies, LLC. He has enjoyed a long association with the Information Technology (IT) industry as a user, vendor and more recently as a thought leader, industry commentator, influencer, columnist and blogger. Well-known to the user communities of HP and IBM, Richard served on the board of the HP user group, ITUG (2000-2006), as its Chairman (2004-2005), and as the Director of Marketing on the board of the IBM user group, SHARE, (2007-2008).

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