Global NonStop Partner Alliance: A Resource Created for the NonStop Community

I’ve always been impressed by the tight-knit community surrounding the HPE NonStop platform.
The technology has been around for decades, and some partners and customers have been a part of NonStop since it was founded as Tandem Computers in 1974.

Given its longevity, it is no surprise that professional and personal relationships have been forged across the NonStop community. I also recall how daunting it was to attend TBC in 2015, shortly after joining the CSP team. As a newcomer to NonStop, I did not fully understand the technology. However, the event felt like more than just a business conference. It felt like a celebration, like a gathering of people on the same NonStop ship.

There have always been alliances within the NonStop industry. Some of these were forged by corporate synergies, others because of close relationships. Regardless of why they formed, these alliances also strengthen the NonStop community.

Even though the NonStop community remains closely connected through local chapter events and larger conferences like EBITUG, GTUG, and TBC, it is hard to learn about all the solutions and services available for the platform, especially as a newcomer.

When HPE GreenLake became involved with NonStop, we realized there would be a knowledge gap for sales reps unfamiliar with the platform and community of partners, users, and service providers.

CSP decided to reach out to our partners, distributors, and customers to find out how we could work together to promote all the solutions available for NonStop systems.

Initially, our efforts were focused on HPE GreenLake. However, we quickly realized there has never been a central repository of all the solutions and services available for NonStop customers. A one-stop shop for everything NonStop, if you will.

So, we decided to join forces with some of the HPE NonStop Partners we already had relationships with. The result is the Global NonStop Partner Alliance, a coordinated effort between multi-disciplinary NonStop partners and service providers.

What is the Global NonStop Partner Alliance, and Who Can Join?

The Global NonStop Partner Alliance is a coordinated effort between HPE NonStop Partners, distributors, and solution providers to promote all the available offerings for HPE NonStop systems.

The goal of the Global NonStop Partner Alliance is to become a centralized source of information regarding the solutions available for the NonStop platform. Our objective is to increase the visibility of all NonStop vendors and strengthen the community. The Portal was created as a one-stop shop for products developed and sold by HPE NonStop partners.

We launched this initiative at TBC 2023 in Denver and received great feedback from HPE, NonStop Partners, and users.

Any company that is an HPE NonStop partner can join. To learn more about becoming a member, please visit:

What is the Global NonStop Partner Alliance Portal

CSP has been working on an information portal called the Global NonStop Partner Portal.

This project aims to provide information about the offerings of all NonStop vendors and become the one-stop shop for all your NonStop needs.

Users can search for solutions by category, industry, or keyword. The Global NonStop Partner Alliance portal is a marketplace where NonStop customers can find proven, transformative, and innovative IT products and services that meet their business needs.

Visit the Global NonStop Partner Alliance website:

We are excited to launch this initiative and continue strengthening the worldwide NonStop community by promoting the Global NonStop Partner Alliance and Portal.

The initiative is especially significant for users in markets with smaller NonStop user groups who may be unable to attend larger events such as EBITUG and TBC.

Ultimately, we believe that the Global NonStop Alliance Portal can become a community tool for customers and HPE sales representatives to learn about all the solutions available for NonStop systems.

By showing the community that HPE NonStop systems include a robust ecosystem of applications and solutions, we can attest to the strength of the NonStop technology itself.

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