ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) – HPE Shadowbase – What’s New in ’22?

First and Foremost – Happy New Year!

We hope 2023 brings all of us in the HPE NonStop community continued health and tremendous success. In this article, we give a brief overview and major headline updates on HPE Shadowbase software and what was new this past year.

HPE Shadowbase is HPE’s Strategic Go-forward Data Replication Solution for Business Continuity and Data Streaming for Data and Application Integration

Gravic, Inc. is a privately held company whose mission is to Improve Society Through Innovation. We develop a range of software, including Shadowbase software, which provides real-time data replication and integration software for a NonStop world. Shadowbase software is globally sold and supported by HPE under the name HPE Shadowbase.

What We Do

We move data from Point A to Point B, with Point A usually being a source database. Point B can be a similar or very different target database, or an application, middleware feed, adapter, API, etc. The data could be on a single system or a multitude of systems. Advice others have told me is, “Just say you’re the Uber of data.”

Choose any combination below – anything on the left can replicate to anything on the right (and vice-versa for bi-directional data replication):

These Short Videos Illustrate the Most Common Solutions and Usages of HPE Shadowbase Software

HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity Solutions Provide Extreme Availability to Eliminate Unplanned Downtime



HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migrations Eliminate Planned Downtime




HPE Shadowbase Data & Application Integration Solutions Integrate One Database and Application Pair with Another



HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair for Data Validation




HPE Shadowbase Essentials Software Bundle – Simplified Data Management, Monitoring, and Transformation



Common Enterprise Business Continuity Approaches and Their Real-world Impact

There are many different paths in life to achieve one’s goals. It is important to note which paths will yield the greatest return over the long run, and which – quite frankly – will lead you to a dead-end where you find yourself with days’ worth of lost data. As shown below, high and to the right is where business-critical and mission-critical applications need to be.

HPE Released a New AWR Feature in Pathway Domains (TS/MP) L22.09 Release

This release created a new winning formula: combine HPE Shadowbase software and Pathway Domains to achieve application and database geographic fault tolerance.

Learn more: It Takes Two to Tango — HPE Shadowbase Solutions and Pathway Domains are Perfect Together!

How to Switch

What if you are using another solution and want or need to replace it with something better? We are experts at switching solutions. As shown below, this particular migration involved four main steps. HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration software provided a 100% safe and reliable zero-risk procedure, which included commands and techniques with best practices to ensure success.

Learn more: A California credit union used HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration software to replace an existing, unwieldy product.

HPE Shadowbase Streams for Data and Application Integration

HPE Shadowbase DI/AI solutions provide numerous sophisticated architectures to bridge the gaps between siloed applications and databases. Combining different technologies produces boundless results that simply were not possible before:

Popular Data and Application Integration Use Cases


Replace Attunity Replicate with HPE Shadowbase Off- and/or On-platform Data Integration

A large European steel tubing manufacturer uses HPE Shadowbase Streams for Data and Application Integration to modernize and optimize its shop floor control systems.


Replicate Securities Account Information

A brokerage service bureau uses HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity and Data Streaming to offer numerous combinations of platforms and databases to its various financial services clients, offload processing onto the end users’ devices, improve the end user experience, and enable load-balancing.


Replicate and Transform Insurance Claims Data

An insurance company uses HPE Shadowbase Streams for Data and Application Integration to greatly reduce manual data entry along with redundancy and errors, increase the speed of claim processing, and provide rapid notifications to end users via a new, modern, interactive GUI.


Stop Opioid Prescription Fraud (via a Decision Support System)

A national healthcare agency uses HPE Shadowbase Streams for Data and Application Integration to halt fulfillment of suspicious claims in real-time across all of its jurisdictions; provides perpetrator information to law enforcement for monitoring along with investigating and prosecuting fraudulent claims activity; reduces the amount of illicit opioid narcotics in circulation; and monitors fraudulent reimbursements to pharmacies, doctors, and patients, saving the healthcare system substantial costs.

For more information, see our HPE Shadowbase Data and Application Integration Use Cases.

New Solutions: HPE Shadowbase Essentials Software Bundle

These eight solutions automate manual work, saving time and reducing errors. For easier customer adoption, HPE and Gravic created the Essentials Bundle a single, relatively low license fee:

  1. Permanent SQL DB archive – SAL: Shadowbase Audit Log
  • Who did what, and when?
  • Logs DB changes from TMF Audit Trail as timestamped rows into a query-able, historical, archival target database

2. TMF Audit Trail query tool – SAR: Shadowbase Audit Reader

  • SQL-like query support for reporting on file and table database changes
  • Much more powerful than SNOOP for querying data changes

3. Transform Enscribe file data into any supported SQL database – Shadowbase DDL Utility

  • ‘Flattens’ (normalizes) Enscribe DDL and produces target table “CREATE TABLE” commands in the proper syntax

4. Convert SQL/MP table schemas into target SQL syntax – SBCREATP

  • Converts SQL source schema into target database syntax and creates the “CREATE TABLE” statement for any supported SQL target

5. Extract, Transform, and Load Toolkit – Shadowbase ETL

  • Converts source Enscribe or SQL data (or change data) into flat file format for loading into any target environment
  • Supports CSV, tab-delimited, fixed-position, etc. output

6. Easily transform NonStop data – SBMAP

  • Simplifies data transformation with a SQL-like scripting language
  • Supports Enscribe & SQL/MP as a source

7. Selectively correct erroneous DB changes – Shadowbase UNDO / REDO

  • Rolls specific file / table audit trail changes forward or backward without requiring an application outage

8. Replicate DDL commands from one DB into another – DCR: Shadowbase DDL Command Replication

  • Automatically replicates and applies schema changes

HPE Shadowbase Monitoring Integration with Idelji Web Viewpoint Enterprise (WVPe)

We have been hard at work with Idelji Corp. to enable WVPe to monitor HPE Shadowbase environments. Below is a glimpse of the demo we gave at the TBC:

For more information, contact Idelji.

Recent Releases

DO NOT INSTALL HPE Shadowbase version 6.700 (or newer) until a new license file is obtained!

  • Applies to both HPE Shadowbase 6.700 releases (NonStop and Other Servers)
  • A new Shadowbase license file is required: contact the HPE License Manager ([email protected]) to request a new license before upgrading and installing

HPE NonStop Shadowbase – Released July 2022, Version 6.700 (T1122^AAW)

HPE Shadowbase for Other Servers – Released January 2022, Version 6.700 T1124-T1130

Future Features

Our development staff continues to innovate to improve our software and introduce new features for HPE Shadowbase users. Contact us for a list of in-plan features and/or if you have any suggestions for upcoming versions.

Wrap Up

HPE Shadowbase software is:

  • HPE’s strategic, go-forward data replication solution for Business Continuity along with Data Streaming for Data and Application Integration.
  • Used for RDF replacements: a product that is MATURE, without any new features or planned enhancements.
  • Committed to Data Integration and Streaming for HPE NonStop and Other Servers.
  • Continuously available, providing automatic recovery from failures.
  • Scalable, with high-data throughput.
  • An extensive set of software solutions with many developments underway.
  • Award-winning, achieving positive reviews, and modernizing enterprise applications.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website. For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos: https://vimeo.com/shadowbasesoftware.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Copyright 2023.


  • Paden R. Holenstein

    Paden Holenstein works in marketing communications, business development, and branding for the HPE Shadowbase Products Group. He is a “NonStop Under 40” member, who attends and presents at regional TUG/RUG meetings and partner technical conferences. He writes extensively for the Shadowbase Products Group and is also responsible for the Shadowbase website. He graduated from West Chester University with a B.S. in Marketing and a minor in Information Technology. For more information, please see HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) or read the white paper, Using HPE Shadowbase Software to Eliminate Planned Downtime via Zero Downtime Migration.

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