Expanding NonStop Opportunities

Increasing NonStop Appeal during Disruption

Under the circumstances, hope everything is going as well as can be expected. All the best in getting through a very difficult time with the Coronavirus.

To respect this while recognizing the need to keep things going, the following “ Topics “  are to encourage collaboration in the NonStop community during this unprecedented and very disruptive situation.

To explain, the list of  NonStop Topics is intended to create opportunities in the community to collaborate in conference calls or webinars on areas of specific interest or where you want to learn more about increasing awareness in enterprises that NonStop –

    1. Better positions organizations
      • Address the needs of very demanding applications that are very important to the business
      • Satisfy expanding business requirements and growing User expectations
      • Reduce risk in moving the business forward
    1. Is very appealing with a platform strategy, in a Cloud initiative, or in a Hybrid system environment
    2. Should be strategic for success in an on-line, real-time, all-the-time world

While recognizing people have day jobs, one of the few good things about being in lockdown from the Coronavirus is that it’s an opportunity to think about the future – and how to make things better going forward.

Suggested topics to share insights on enabling organizations to get more benefits from NonStop and positioning IT to improve outcomes include:

      1. Options to – better / centrally manage systems, modernize information services, improve system security, realize greater operational efficiencies, etc.
      2. Strategies to leverage NonStop fundamentals of very high availability, scalability and system integrity to uniquely improve outcomes in IT and for the business
      3. Increasing awareness that NonStop is a superior platform with Cloud initiatives or in Hybrid system environments
      4. Show how Aligning & Applications and Platforms with NonStop
        • improves outcome in IT and for the business
        • expands NonStop relevance and opportunities
      5. Having NonStop included in a Corporate Standardization Strategy
      6. Making NonStop strategic in the enterprise to better position the organization to win in an on-line, real-time, all-the-time world
      7. Creating synergies and advantages by leveraging NonStop capabilities with your organization’s competencies and resources – in IT and for the business
      8. Make good on new business opportunities and changes in established markets, industries and enterprises (ie: in financial services, distribution, manufacturing, etc. regarding new – digital products / services, payments, regulations, business models, etc.), rising User expectations, the growing impact of start-ups (ie: FinTech, InsureTech, Payment Tech, RegTech, etc. companies)
      9. Developing Innovation competencies in enterprises to expand opportunities for the business, in IT, and for NonStop
      10. Utilizing AI, ML, Big Data, Sophisticated Analytics, Mobile, etc. and NonStop – to expand business capabilities, grow current markets, enter new markets, personalize services, improve the User experience, better manage change, reduce risk, etc.
      11. Being pro-active to improve outcomes to recognize the changing nature of the IT environment and the business landscape
      12. How to reduce the work and increase the rewards  –  within IT and for the business
      13. Knowing how to get what you want by
        • leveraging your knowledge of NonStop
        • knowing what is needed to perform in an on-line, real-time, all-the-time world
        • collaborating for business, strategic, communications, networking, etc. skills
      14. Developing the entrepreneurial mindset to increase your value to the organization
      15. Leveraging your digital knowledge and skills for advantage
      16. Raising the bar from “ Mission Critical “  to  “ On-line, Real-Time, All-The-Time “  that recognizes the increasing importance of meeting or exceeding User expectations and a successful enterprise digital transformation, to address more demanding business needs, the need to do more with less while being an agile / responsive / opportunistic organization, to reduce business risk and costs, etc. to better position the enterprise to win and expand NonStop relevance
      17. Articulating a compelling NonStop business value proposition
      18. Better managing change and reducing risk with NonStop
      19. Increase NonStop appeal and optics in the enterprise by Improving Business Outcomes with NonStop
      20. Have more communications between platform groups in the organization to become more familiar with other systems, applications, and people – to better position IT to address common issues and resolve differences
      21. Strategies to increase NonStop profile in your organization – internally (within the NonStop Dept, other IT groups, IT Mgmt, Business Managers), plus the NonStop community, and other parties

+  other topic suggestions?

While some of these topics will include references to various tools available and your systems, the discussions are intended to be interactive forums to expand awareness and increase understanding of –

  1. How to make work more rewarding
  2. Why things are the way they are
  3. What can be done to improve outcomes
  4. Your organization Getting More Benefits From NonStop
  5. Opportunities

Given the advantages of building on the skills of those in the community, those interested in increasing NonStop appeal are welcome to participate in selected conference calls, Zoom sessions or a webinar by contacting –

Ron Thompson of CAIL at 905-940-9000 or send an email to [email protected]


  • Ron Thompson

    Ron Thompson is CEO of CAIL, a HPE and Micro Focus Partner with many Customers utilizing CAIL software to improve connectivity, security, automate and modernize information services - at the desktop and in mobile. This applies to NonStop systems as well as with all platforms - to increase NonStop appeal and value. Ron has an extensive background in technology and business as well as numerous experiences from CAIL venture investing and enterprise innovation initiatives. [email protected] / 800-668-5769 / 905-940-9000.

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