Real-Time Business Continuity Software for a Nonstop World!

Today, business is global, and runs 24/7. It relies on IT applications running in datacenters with constant uptime across an enterprise. Continuous access to real-time, online transactional data is necessary in a world where crucial network services drive enterprises.

Since customers demand continuous data access, a company’s systems and datacenters must survive catastrophic disasters. Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, operator mistakes, and even ransomware attacks are happening more frequently, and with more severity.

The Shadowbase Business Continuity software suite ensures extreme availability levels, where system uptimes are measured in centuries. If a system or database fails, a critical backup copy is immediately available on an alternate system so that data is saved and processing may continue.

Shadowbase software offers unique availability architectures to meet these various business needs.

Shadowbase Active/Passive Disaster Recovery achieves high availability by preparing enterprises to react and quickly recover from an outage.

Shadowbase Sizzling-Hot-Takeover provides higher availability with automatic failover, recovery, and a method to test the standby system while the application runs on the production system.

Shadowbase Active/Active Continuous Availability provides extreme availability in a fault tolerant architecture where the application runs on two or more systems while using Shadowbase data replication to keep the database copies consistent.

However, applications need to remain available through both unplanned and planned outages, such as software upgrades and hardware platform refreshes. For many applications, the inability to access or update data during a typical upgrade carries a significant business cost, measured in thousands of dollars per second, or even in lives lost.

Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration solves this issue by enabling risk-free software and hardware upgrades while preserving application and data availability while the migration occurs. In some cases, absolutely no data loss can be tolerated, such as with drug prescription dosage records, funds transfer applications, and stock exchange trading systems.

Shadowbase Zero Data Loss provides synchronous replication so that the source’s committed data is safe-stored on the backup system and is always available, even if the source environment is lost.

Shadowbase Business Continuity software supports homogeneous and heterogeneous platforms and databases including: Oracle, IBM Db2, SQL Server, Sybase, and HPE NonStop Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX, and many others.

It also runs on UNIX, Linux, Windows, IBM, and HPE NonStop Server platforms, and others.

To validate your data and satisfy regulatory requirements, Shadowbase Compare can be used in NonStop systems to prove that the target database matches the source database, and Shadowbase Repair can correct any discrepancies found for SQL databases. Shadowbase Business Continuity software provides the necessary protection for today’s enterprises.

HPE Shadowbase is HPE’s strategic go-forward Business Continuity solution. Contact us today and learn how Shadowbase Business Continuity software can benefit you!


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