Integration of enterprise messaging infrastructure on NonStop

Thomas Gloerfeld

Business today is a world of connected systems. Every application, every piece of data, and every machine is connected and exchanges data at huge volumes at ever-increasing speeds. This flow of information moves throughout every data center and out to remote locations. The data might move between applications within the business or be shared between companies. All this is, of course, also true for users of HPE NonStop systems running mission-critical applications, which need to communicate with other systems and applications in the enterprise.


Data is your superpower

Thomas Gloerfeld

In today’s world of round-the-clock online business and commerce, data is everywhere. Data has become your superpower, even more so when it’s protected data.

As many users of HPE NonStop systems are processing a large amount of sensitive or mission-critical data it is paramount that such data is protected in the best possible manner.

The challenge that many organizations are facing is that the isolated databases of old have evolved dramatically and so has the need for appropriate data protection and security.

Mission Critical

Solving the need for SNA and X.25 Support on NonStop X

Thomas Gloerfeld

As the support timeline winds down for NonStop Itanium platforms, more and more customers are looking forward to their next step in their NonStop evolution. The NonStop X platform running L-series is the new home where customers are moving. For some customers there is a serious issue in moving to NonStop X. They still heavily use SNA, SNAX and/or X.25 to communicate with other companies. For some banking customers this was a particular roadblock that seemed to require rework of their application and a change in how transaction information and messages will be sent to their partners. Because HPE did not port their own SNAX and X.25 products from Itanium onto the NonStop X platform, some customers felt stuck and overwhelmed by what it might involve to migrate.


The IT Director’s Perspective: Maximizing the Value of HPE NonStop (May-June 2019)

Thomas Gloerfeld

“You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.”

Your next stop, the datacenter.

It is full of the latest and greatest technologies. Rows and rows of servers sit surrounded by flash disk arrays and enough fiber to reach to the moon and back. This is the new home for your software, the lifeblood of your company. You reflect proudly on what you have helped to create and then, doubt begins to cloud this wonderful vision. Is my software worthy of running on all of this shiny new technology? Can my software take advantage of all of these technologies? Is my software ready to run in the cloud?