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Cover Story

HPE GreenLake for Payments: The Trusted Retail Payments Solution

Brian Miller

HPE GreenLake for Payments is the most powerful and complete solution for Retail payments and is fully capable of handling both card-based, and non-card, consumer payments. The HPE GreenLake for Payments solution is based on the world-leading TANGO software from Lusis Payments, deployed on the highly cost effective HPE systems, and is backed by HPE’s pedigree track-record in the migration and operation of mission critical systems. Delivered through HPE GreenLake, customers get a pay per use, scalable, managed solution, delivered as a Service.


In Memory of Karen Copeland

Connect Worldwide

Karen was born on July 30, 1961, in Tucson Arizona. She was an outgoing and naturally curious child. From a young age she was interested in art and loved animals. As the oldest of three children, she was a fierce big sister and very protective of her younger sister and brother.

March - April 2022

Trends & Wins

Justin Simonds

Well, it was very nice to actually attend a User Group meeting in person. It seems like it’s been forever. SunTUG 22 seemed to be pretty well attended. Kevin Shabow, the North American Director of NonStop Sales, kicked off the conference and asked for direct feedback from the audience. This harkened back to the origins of ITUG when Jimmy and execs would have open forums about what was needed, what was working, and what wasn’t. Jimmy always mentioned how very valuable direct customer feedback was to him and the team.


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Connect Tech Forum: Business Integration & Analysis

Richard Buckle

Connect, together with members of the Connect community, is pleased to announce the creation of a new Tech Forum, Business Intelligence & Analysis (BI&A). We have all heard senior HPE executives refer to how data is created on NonStop but what comes next? To be valued by the enterprise data created on NonStop needs to be moved. It needs to be analyzed. It needs to lead to better business insights.


PCI DSS 4.0 Is Coming. Will You Be Ready?

Steve Tcherchian

Since the release of PCI-DSS 3.0 in 2013, the PCI Security Standards Council has been quite busy.  A little over a year after it was published, the council released PCI-DSS 3.1, followed by several new templates and supplements, including the “Migrating from SSL and early TLS Information Supplement” in April 2015 which highlighted the risks of SSL and TLS 1.0. 

March - April 2022

The Flipside

Gaye Clemson

In my role as an orchestrator helping cross-functional team leaders enable transformational change, it’s been interesting to reflect on how often the topic of complexity comes up.  And yet, when I ask ‘Tell me how you are defining complexity?  — and later —- What are you doing about it? – The answer is usually crickets, crickets, and more crickets.


SunTUG 2022 Recap

Mark Flanigan

Believe it or not, on Friday March 4th and 5th SunTug happened – live and in person! The two-day event included a full presentation agenda, catered meals, a happy hour and of course the annual golf outing.


Company Announcements: HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

BRUSSELS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mar. 22, 2022– Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) today announced that Worldline, a European-based global payments provider, has selected the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform to implement a major performance upgrade to its mission-critical payments platform to meet the accelerated growth of online transactions. By leveraging HPE GreenLake’s flexible as-a-service model and HPE Financial Services’ asset renewal program, funding approximately 25% of the platform refresh, Worldline achieved this significant upgrade with no upfront investment.


Leverage Heterogeneous Data Transformation and Distribution to Create New Business Opportunities

Paul Holenstein

Real-time data replication products, such as HPE Shadowbase software, are well known for their ability to facilitate IT service availability (Business Continuity) by replicating production data in real-time across multiple systems to create backup database copies. Should one system fail, current, consistent data is available on alternate systems which can take over processing, thereby maintaining service availability. But such products also provide another significant capability: a heterogeneous Data Distribution Fabric Backbone (DDFB), which facilitates data integration.


Kafka and HPE NonStop – A Perfect Combo

Phil Ly

One of the best ways to modernize NonStop is to integrate its applications with other software, platforms and cloud services. This interoperability is extremely important as it will extend the value of the NonStop applications, and underscore the flexibility of the platform in the enterprise.


NuWave Customer Success Story – How RedLink is using LightWave Solutions to integrate and modernize

Gustavo Martinez

Red Link is the biggest transactional switch in Argentina, processing transactions from ATMs and digital wallets. Red Link is owned by a group of public and private banks that service most of Argentina’s population. Red Link processes more than 47 million transactions per day during their peak time of year. They are interconnected with 60 financial institutions and have more than 1,000 employees, with a large team focused on the HPE NonStop, as it is the primary system used for their transactions.


Greenlake & NonStop

Justin Simonds

Greenlake is a major HPE strategy. You may have seen the announcement “The cloud that comes to you”, which is essentially Greenlake. Imagine Amazon, Google or Microsoft coming into your data center and building you a mini cloud that they then manage for you. You spin up applications and databases, try new business strategies, run sprints and have all the advantages of the public cloud.


Prioritize Your CyberSecurity Initiatives


Get an insider’s look into new features and functionality that maximize your XYGATE security investment. Steve discusses XYPRO’s latest advances in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Compliance, and Anomaly Detection. Get updates on HPE NonStop integrations with Splunk, SailPoint, CyberArk, and ServiceNow.

data organization

Data is the Lifeblood of your Organization

Thomas Gloerfeld

Data is pretty crucial to any business these days. Many people claim that data is the most important asset you can possess, with more utility than capital assets and more meaningful (though often latent) insights than a host of human capital. Data reflects your entire business: your intellectual property, your industry, the broader market trends, the pain points and needs of prospective customers, and your existing customer base.