Good Luck & Farewell, Pat Boland

The Connect family wants to recognize and thank Pat Boland for his many years of support and engagement.

Pat has been very involved with the SunTUG group for over 25 years serving as the liaison for the SunTUG executive committee for the annual Summit, as well as participating with the educational and developmental sessions that SunTUG has hosted over the years.

When Pat became a manager for the US NonStop SA’s he carried that passion for the Connect community forward and participated in many of the regional TUG meetings and seminars. Pat has always been an advocate for his team to actively participate with the Connect community.

Recently Pat has relocated to the west coast to be closer to his family as he transitions out of an HPE role and into an active role in improving the lives of those less fortunate.

Pat’s sense of humor, positive attitude, and passion for customers will be missed.


  • David Lorenz

    David Lorenz is an HPE NonStop sales specialist from Tampa Florida with over 25 years of direct sales to the finance, telecommunications, DoD, and retail industries. David has been the HPE representative at NACHA ( US ACH association) and the NACHA payments alliance as well as the PayIT conclave in Mumbai. He sees tremendous opportunity to evolve and expand the NonStop operating environment beyond the card networks and into the rapidly evolving mobile financial marketplace. Working closely with customers in the telecommunications and financial services industry over his career gives David a very unique perspective on their convergence. dlo has a keen interest in monetary history and the geopolitical and social events that are driving the rapid evolution that is happening in payments today.

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