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Greetings community members,
It is with a heavy heart that this issue, again, starts with having to send condolences on the passing of Karen Copeland on March 2nd.  I will not try to describe what Karen meant to the NonStop community or how she helped to shade the technology world that we NonStop users live in. For those who would like to place their virtual condolences, you can do so here.

2022 certainly hasn’t started off the way any of us would have liked with the passing of many NonStop icons, the pandemic still lingering, a war in Europe, and rising inflation/prices, BUT we are now entering the spring season where things are reborn! The flowers will start to bloom, and we will all continue. We have many things to look forward to including the upcoming HPE big tent show, HPE Discover. This year Discover will be an in-person event, and it is a great chance to see the exciting things HPE is working on, renew old friendships, and make a few new ones. Additionally, we are deep into planning the next NonStop TBC, which will also be in-person and will be a great way for all of us to come together and raise a glass to the future.

Of course, we will have a booth at HPE Discover, and we look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. We also have a few speaking slots for our members where you can talk about your success stories, how you used HPE technologies to solve compilated problems, and to gain personal fame and fortune while having fun! If you would like to do a presentation, please click here and let us know the topic. Our booth is always in the top 5 for attendance so this will enable you to tell your story to a wide audience.

Best regards,
Marty Edelman
President, Connect Worldwide

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  • Marty Edelman

    Since retiring from The Home Depot, Marty Edelman has provided strategic guidance to organizations wishing to modernize their IT infrastructures. While at The Home Depot, he was the director of Payment Services. Marty has been involved with HPE (Tandem, Compaq, HPE and HPE) for more than 30 years as an employee, end user, and independent consultant. He founded a small consultancy firm that specialized in developing high-volume mission-critical solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Marty and his team helped to build the UPS Tracking System, the NYSE Consolidated Trade and Quote systems, and the SWIFT next-generation computing platform.

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