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The Power of NonStop Data Analytics

Joel Sandberg

Twenty years ago, data analytics was a field reserved for geeks and academics, something discussed during breaks in lectures on chaos theory. The idea was to take a very random system, with lots of seemingly disparate data, and be able to tie that tangled web of data together so that meaningful outcomes could be predicted. The most obvious example is weather forecasting, which involves analyzing all the earth’s atmospheric randomness in terms of ever-changing temperature, moisture, and wind, somehow using that data to tell people to bring an umbrella to that 1 pm picnic a week from Saturday.

March - April 2021

The Flip Side

Gaye Clemson

Raising the Bar on Employment Engagement with Impactful Digital Solutions Those who know me know that I am obsessed with


Systems and Platforms: the lines in the sand.

Richard Buckle

Before we begin to look at HPE NonStop platform updates becoming available in 2021 it’s probably a good idea to take a step back and look at exactly what constitutes a platform. Like with every opinion, everyone has their own take on what constitutes a platform. It was so much easier when we all understood what was a computer, an operating system or an application but of late, the lines have become less clear. Can we still draw meaningful lines or have they become lines in the sand, subject to change every time a breeze disturbs their presence.


NuWave – The Top 5 Trends in REST Services

Andrew Price

Here at NuWave Technologies, we’re always working with forward-thinking HPE NonStop server users looking to modernize or simplify access to their valuable NonStop applications and data. We’re also tracking trends outside the NonStop space, in an effort to ensure our LightWave solutions stay current with industry requirements and trends.