A Note From Connect Leadership

Dear fellow Connect members,

The last 12 months have tested our community like never before. We have had a global pandemic, major security breaches, and new ways of working and socializing. Throughout all of these things we have remained strong and vibrant. Going forward we have many good things to look forward to including the HPE big tent show (HPE Discover) and the NonStop Technical Boot Camp. Our Slack channel is active with many of you going to it to find answers to your questions or just to socialize with your fellow members. Our publications, Connect Converge and The Connection, have been well received and we have many great articles coming in the next few issues.

Everyone in IT is now involved in modernizing their applications and systems. Hybrid IT is no longer something to consider, it is here and we are all involved in utilizing this new computing paradigm. We are all finding new and innovative ways of getting our jobs done and the Connect community is here to help you achieve your goals.

Modernization and security are two very hot topics in the NonStop community and in this issue Thomas Gloerfeld of comforte shares how they can help you achieve your goals using products and techniques that they provide.

Modernization will be a big push from HPE in the coming months and we have some great articles in our archives to help you upon your journey. In the US there is a new sales leader (Kevin Shabow) who is extremely focused on this topic, so I know we can expect to see some exciting things in the coming months.

Security is also a very concerning topic these days with the ShadowWinds and Microsoft hacks. I am proud to say that NonStop has still never been compromised due to its unique architecture and approach to security. Not to mention our great security 3rd parties who are all proud members of our community.

Our 2021 NonStop Technical Boot Camp planning is moving along very nicely, and you can all expect another great event this year.

This issue is jam packed with some great content that will help you be more efficient and to increase your knowledge. We are always looking for content so why not take a crack at writing something for publication? Our team is willing to work with you to get it published. If there are any topics you’d like us to cover please let us know and we will do what we can to get it done.

Best regards,
Marty Edelman
President, Connect Worldwide

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  • Marty Edelman

    Since retiring from The Home Depot, Marty Edelman has provided strategic guidance to organizations wishing to modernize their IT infrastructures. While at The Home Depot, he was the director of Payment Services. Marty has been involved with HPE (Tandem, Compaq, HPE and HPE) for more than 30 years as an employee, end user, and independent consultant. He founded a small consultancy firm that specialized in developing high-volume mission-critical solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Marty and his team helped to build the UPS Tracking System, the NYSE Consolidated Trade and Quote systems, and the SWIFT next-generation computing platform.

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