Infographic: How to Win the Game of Upgrades

How long has it been since you upgraded your NonStop’s operating system?

One year? Five years? Fifty years? You have no idea?

Don’t feel embarrassed if you answered with anything other than one year. You’re not alone. Many companies that operate within the HPE NonStop environment have chosen not to upgrade their OS for a variety of reasons.

Even though NonStop was designed to withstand the stress of running continuously for years, it still needs to undergo routine OS upgrades just like any complex system.

This infographic illustrates important steps you should follow (and how to avoid pitfalls) in order to successfully upgrade your NonStop OS.


  • Ron Wetzel

    Ron Wetzel is a senior analyst with more than 30 years of experience working within NonStop environments. He has been with Odyssey Information Services for the last 10 years where he has served as an integral member of Odyssey’s Remote Systems Management team for one of its largest enterprise clients. If you would like to further discuss OS upgrades, you can reach out to Ron at 972-767-6700 or

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