Unifying Security Management, Analytics, and Threat Detection

In the international banking industry, falling behind in meeting audit standards while identifying security threats is not an option. The stakes are simply too high.

A prominent multinational European Bank was seeking to dramatically modernize their security. They engaged XYPRO Technology Corporation (XYPRO), the leader in HPE NonStop cybersecurity, to implement XYGATE SecurityOne (XS1) to secure its customer data and transactions.

They were searching for a unified Security Management and Analytics solution for HPE NonStop servers and applications. The bank security team was routinely challenged to meet compliance standards, dedicate time for audits, proactively monitor log files, and identify threats. Having to piece together point solutions had become a painfully inefficient and costly manual process.

After evaluating various solutions and putting XYGATE SecurityOne through a rigorous trial, the bank security team was able to satisfy all their requirements by selecting XS1. XYPRO’s XS1 provides them real-time Risk Management, Threat Detection, Vulnerability Assessment, Compliance Reporting and more.

XS1 was quickly and easily deployed into the bank’s environment and is now protecting their mission-critical workloads that include ATM, POS and credit card transactions for multiple EU countries. XS1 immediately improved staff productivity while maintaining compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and others.

“Most organizations cannot dedicate enough resources to proactively monitor their environment for security threats,” said Steve Tcherchian, XYPRO’s Chief Product Officer. “We partnered closely with the bank on its requirements and pain points to identify how XS1 will provide them value. In the end, the bank met its objective to secure customer data while modernizing their security, reducing cost, overhead, and increasing staff productivity.”


  • XYPRO Team

    A leader in protecting mission-critical systems for the banking, financial services, retail and payments processing industries, XYPRO closely partners with HPE who bundles XYPRO solutions with their high-end server HPE NonStop Operating System. XYPRO’s security solutions provide Patented Security Analytics & Contextualization for Risk Management, PCI Compliance, Integrity Checking, Privileged Identity & Access Management, Authentication, Authorization and Identity Management. Many of the world’s largest companies use XYPRO to secure their mission-critical systems.

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