NTI: Status Quo versus Transformation

NTI: Status Quo versus Transformation

As you read more about NTI and its DRNet®/Unified product suite, you will likely conclude that there is much to be gained from migrating off legacy business continuity product offerings to more advanced solutions, such as NTI provides today. With DRNet®/Unified, NTI has taken its market-defined business continuity solution and adapted it to a data-centric approach to enterprise integration. Wherever a NonStop system can be found, there is a need to access data and move data to where it needs to be accessed. It provides the level of resilience business demands in the twenty-first century.

There is always an element of risk/reward to consider when migrating to a better solution. This is where NTI products’ resilience becomes clear – NonStop users, like their counterparts across all of IT, take time to calculate risks and rewards. According to Anthea Roberts, Professor of Global Governance at Australian National University, embedding these “calculations about risk and reward in a broader framework of systems resilience.” Perhaps there is no other topic today being more widely discussed than is resilience in multiple domains. For the NonStop community, there has been a steady stream of presentations and papers on Business Resilience, Digital Resilience, Cybersecurity Resilience, and more.

“Resilience is a rich concept, with applications in engineering, psychology, disaster management, climate change adaptation, and more,” said Roberts. Absorb and adapt have been key to the messaging of NTI for the past year, and through absorbing changes with NonStop (e.g., Intel x86 Architecture, Virtualization, Cloud Services), NTI has absorbed it all by bending without breaking; adaptation by the NTI’s product suite has been all about incremental change and of taking baby steps that better align with NonStop customer requirements. However, by itself, absorbing changes and adapting leads to the recognition of transformations.

“These three modes of resilience – absorption, adaptation, and transformation – can operate alone or in combination,” said Roberts. “Whereas adaptation can be achieved through incremental adjustments that largely preserve the status quo, transformation involves dramatic change to a new and better state.” This has been the basis of NTI launching its latest initiative, DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversions. Maintaining the status quo using solutions with questionable commitments from their vendor is a risk many NonStop customers today are considering more seriously – with risk and trust so intimately intertwined, an untrustworthy partner trying to maintain the status quo is driving this need for transformation.

“Embracing the transformation possible with DRNet®/Unified is as straightforward as it is an opportunity to welcome a vendor that is totally committed to NonStop. Adding to the value proposition is the presence in DRNet®/Unified of BASE24 integrative capabilities that are a part of our standard product offering,” said Tim Dunne. “What this brings to the NonStop customer is a reduced resource commitment to any conversion effort from GoldenGate to DRNet®/Unified.” There is no better example of how transforming a NonStop customer’s approach to business continuity can be achieved simply and quickly than what was demonstrated with the latest win by NTI against stiff competition.

Perhaps there is no bigger news about how well NTI has embraced continuous adaptation than winning new business. NTI features resilience to change and, indeed, from time to time, the shocks that come with the likes of Oracle in all of its modes, including transformation in an even more visible migration program – a program centered on helping NonStop customers migrate off dependencies on Oracle and GoldenGate. “Going head-to-head against its competitors, the most recent major win for NTI with DRNet®/Unified was achieved in EMEA. This not only represented the addition of a new logo but extends the geographic coverage with one more country now supported directly by NTI.”

Observing the need among NonStop GoldenGate customers wanting change, NTI not only absorbed what the NonStop team delivered adapting, as we did our DRNet®/Unified deliverables to meet the needs of these GoldenGate customers, we found it easy to fine-tune our messaging. “When it comes to messaging, it really is all about consistency,” said Dunne. “Consistency in our messaging and projecting NTI’s credibility through that consistency is key for NonStop customers looking to distance themselves from risk as they welcome resilience.” In this manner, when it comes to the NonStop BASE24 customers, DRNet®/Unified simplifies transforming from GoldenGate to DRNet®/Unified for GoldenGate Conversions.

“Transforming in the face of shocks is even more radical. It involves making more permanent structural changes that either reduce the exposure and vulnerability to risks or increase the ability to capture rewards,” concluded Roberts. The emphasis NTI has placed on its programs of absorption, adaptation, and transformation, all in the pursuit of business resilience, has led to it becoming the preemptive solution to break with the status quo. “As a GoldenGate user,” said Dunne, “isn’t it time to transform to a solution better aligned with today’s data needs?”

Balancing the need to mitigate risk while ensuring greater rewards is a business fundamental. Keeping the status quo may work for you in the short term but never amounts to a successful business model. Should you have not become aware of where NTI can provide the transformation you sorely need and would like to know more about NTI’s most recent win in this regard, and would like to discuss where you future data needs lie, simply call the number below or email us at any time at:

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1 From Risk to Resilience by Anthea Roberts, Professor of Global Governance, Australian National University as published in Foreign Affairs November / December 2023


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