Pioneering Security with Exclusive Fraud Prevention Technology on the HPE NonStop Platform

Lusis Payments - Fraud Prevention Technology on the HPE NonStop Platform

In the dynamic landscape of digital transactions, the imperative to secure financial data has reached unprecedented heights. Lusis Payments, a frontrunner in payment software solutions, stands out as a pioneer in fraud prevention, particularly on the HPE NonStop platform. This article explores the intricate details of fraud prevention on HPE NonStop, highlighting the innovative features offered exclusively by Lusis Payments and shedding light on the unique benefits of operating on the HPE NonStop infrastructure.

Fraud Prevention on the HPE NonStop Platform:

The HPE NonStop platform, renowned for its reliability, scalability, and fault-tolerance, has become the platform of choice for mission-critical applications in the financial sector. Lusis Payments has strategically harnessed the strengths of this platform to develop fraud prevention solutions that seamlessly integrate with its unique architecture.

  1. Integration with OSS and SQL/MX: Lusis Payments’ fraud prevention software is engineered to seamlessly integrate with the Open System Services (OSS) environment on the HPE NonStop platform, utilizing SQL/MX for the database. This integration enables a comprehensive monitoring of system activities, providing a holistic view that significantly enhances the detection of potential fraudulent transactions.
  2. Fault-Tolerant Architecture: The fault-tolerant nature of the HPE NonStop platform ensures continuous operation, even in the face of hardware failures or unexpected events. Lusis Payments capitalizes on this architecture to provide uninterrupted fraud prevention services, minimizing the risk of system downtime that cybercriminals could exploit.
  3. Scalability for Growing Transaction Volumes: As transaction volumes continue to soar, the scalability of the HPE NonStop platform becomes a strategic advantage. Lusis Payments’ fraud prevention software is meticulously designed to scale seamlessly with increasing transaction loads, ensuring that its capabilities remain effective even in high-demand scenarios.

 Benefits of Being on the HPE NonStop Platform:

  1. High Availability and Reliability: The HPE NonStop platform is celebrated for its high availability and reliability, rendering it an ideal choice for financial institutions where downtime is not an option. Lusis Payments’ fraud prevention solutions capitalize on this reliability, providing continuous protection against evolving fraud threats.
  2. Data Integrity and Security: HPE NonStop’s commitment to data integrity and security aligns with the stringent requirements of the financial sector. Lusis Payments leverages the platform’s robust security features to enhance the protection of sensitive financial data, instilling confidence in both financial institutions and end-users.
  3. Compliance and Regulatory Standards: The HPE NonStop platform adheres to rigorous compliance and regulatory standards prevalent in the financial industry. Lusis Payments ensures that its fraud prevention software complies with these standards, providing financial institutions with a solution that meets the necessary regulatory requirements.

 Exclusivity with Lusis Payments:

Lusis Payments proudly stands as the exclusive provider of payments fraud prevention technology on the HPE NonStop platform. With a singular focus on delivering top-notch security solutions tailored for this unique environment, Lusis Payments has solidified its position as the go-to partner for financial institutions seeking unparalleled protection against fraud.

Collaboration with Lusis AI:

In a testament to its commitment to innovation, Lusis Payments collaborates closely with Lusis AI, its dedicated artificial intelligence division. This collaboration is instrumental in enhancing the efficacy of fraud prevention solutions. Lusis AI’s expertise in developing intelligent algorithms and predictive models significantly strengthens Lusis Payments’ ability to stay ahead of evolving fraud landscapes.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Lusis Payments employs the BackTest Engine (BTE), also known as the sandbox for testing. This tool ensures rigorous testing of rules before they are moved into a repository for production, effectively utilizing a fully integrated approach with TANGO for acquiring and issuing.


As financial transactions continue to evolve, Lusis Payments and the HPE NonStop platform stand as steadfast guardians, ensuring that the future of digital payments remains secure and resilient. The combined forces of Lusis Payments’ cutting-edge fraud prevention software, tailored exclusively for the HPE NonStop environment, and the inherent benefits of operating on this platform create a formidable defense against the ever-present threat of fraud. The seamless integration, fault-tolerant architecture, and scalability of both entities contribute to a secure and efficient environment for financial institutions and businesses. In this collaborative pursuit of security and innovation, Lusis Payments, as the exclusive provider of fraud prevention technology on HPE NonStop, redefines the landscape of digital transactions, setting new standards for the intersection of technology, security, and financial integrity.


  • Ki Roth

    Ki Roth is the Head of Business Development, Americas at Lusis Payments. Ki is a dynamic business leader with extensive experience in ATM/POS, banking, consulting, and customer relations. He excels in strategic planning, sales, and innovative solutions. Proficient in areas such as fraud, database administration, direct marketing, and system architecture, his leadership has been instrumental in achieving success across financial services, middleware, processors, and retail sectors. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, Ki continues to drive business growth and shape the future of payments in the Americas.

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