Made by abat+ and HPE A Manufacturing Success Story: Revolutionizing Production in Record Time.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, having the ability to set up manufacturing facilities swiftly is crucial for companies aiming to stay ahead of the competition. This success story revolves around a discreet manufacturing system, abat+, that runs in an HPE NonStop system. The abat+ software completely transforms manufacturing companies’ operations by enabling them to be up in record time. This is the case for the revolutionary INEOS car manufacturing and the Grenadier car. Not only does this system provide much-needed agility, but it also guarantees high-quality production, leveraging all the NonStop systems benefits. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable solution.

Peter Grendel, CEO of abat +, started when a group of seasoned professionals, passionate about revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, came together to develop an innovative system. Their mission was clear – to create a solution that would empower discrete manufacturing to spin off systems effortlessly, leading to swift production initiation without compromising quality. Countless hours of research, development, and fine-tuning led to the birth of a groundbreaking technology.

Peter Grendel CEO of abat + meets with Antonio Neri CEO of HPE
Peter Grendel CEO of abat + meets with Antonio Neri CEO of HPE


In the picture Peter Grendel CEO of abat + meets with Antonio Neri CEO of HPE during the Discover Barcelona event. Unleashing the Power of the System: INEOS, with a new system in place, gained the ability to establish a fully functional production facilities within 90 days.

Mercedes Benz factory 56 is also another success story for HPE NonStop and abat+.

Gone are the days of prolonged setup procedures that cost businesses valuable time and hinder their growth. This revolutionary solution leverages cutting-edge automation, streamlined processes, and advanced machinery to expedite the entire setup process.

By embracing this game-changing system, companies have witnessed a multitude of benefits. Firstly, they gain a significant competitive edge by being able to introduce their products to the market faster than ever before. This allows them to seize opportunities, respond to market demands promptly, and increase their market share. Moreover, quick production initiation ensures reduced overhead costs, enabling businesses to allocate resources efficiently.

As word of this extraordinary system spread across the industry, excitement and curiosity grew. Abat+ showcased the INEOS car at HPE Discover in Barcelona. HPE’s CEO Antonio Neri visited the booth where the INEOS car showcased its groundbreaking technology. The event was abuzz with anticipation as industry experts, potential clients, and investors gathered to witness this game-changing solution in action.

Peter Grendel’s captivating presentation highlighted how HPE products could transform businesses and in the case of abat+ and HPE NonStop, the entire manufacturing landscape, garnering widespread praise and attention.

Christoph Bauer Program Director at abat+ shows the INEOS car being produced using the abat+ and HPE NonStop technologies. At the abat booth @ Discover Barcelona, the live demonstrations of the system left the audience in awe. They witnessed augmented reality demos, showing how the entire production line was set up in record time, showcasing the seamless integration of automation, machinery, and meticulous planning. The system’s user-friendly interface was praised for its ease of use, allowing companies to swiftly adapt to the new technology. Attendees were left inspired by the possibilities that this system offered, foreseeing a future where manufacturing companies could have production facilities up and running within weeks.

The showcased technology not only promises accelerated setup times but also ensures high-quality production output taking full advantage of the HPE NonStop High-Performance Compute , high availability, and fault-tolerant technology that has been powering several industries and is now making a triumphant entrance into discrete manufacturing. “As the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, it is solutions like these that push the boundaries of what is possible, propelling companies toward unprecedented success” shared with us Karen Ramirez Director of NonStop Sales HPE North America. Victa Wewerinke Vice President North America Region and Director of Mexico Office for abat+ stated that “In an era where speed and efficiency are key drivers of success, the ability to establish manufacturing facilities swiftly becomes a game-changer for companies worldwide. This success story centered around an amazing system that runs on HPE NonStop and the abat+ solution that enables manufacturing companies to be fully operational within just 90 days.”  This highlights the importance of innovation and technological advancement in streamlining production processes.


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