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NonStop – Transformation 2021

Nonstop Trends and Wins

Well, 2020 is behind us, although it hardly feels like it. Economies around the world, barring China, are under-performing. Various countries have flirted with reopening only to have a new wave of coronavirus spike causing them to fallback. Technology thrives and online has become just about the only line available.

At HPE many things are transforming. HPE has announced it will become a Texas company with our headquarters located in Houston. That seems to be a pretty big change and several other companies have also relocated to Texas. In addition, HPE has announced that we are ‘all in’ in terms of as a Service (aaS). Most companies like the idea of a public cloud and pushing the responsibilities for IT onto someone else. Stepping away from responsibilities in both my personal and professional life has never been a good strategy. Some companies are coming back from the public cloud finding it not as inexpensive as it seemed and without the specific requirements (performance, security, control) that were required. Still, the public cloud model holds some intrigue. The attempt to fully utilize hardware resources rather than the old machine for every application. Through the use of virtualization and now containerization server utilization is at a very high level. The ability to quickly spin things up and either fast fail or fast succeed matches the new agile environment permitting fast change to business and quick course corrections in development. Have a cloud-like infrastructure accommodates, this agile methodology with an agile infrastructure. An ability to pay for what you use, with the ability to ramp up and ramp down as business dictates. HPE is effectively bringing these cloud capabilities to a datacenter near you – actually your datacenter. Called Greenlake HPE will build you a private cloud in your datacenter and bill you for usage. The benefits of public cloud with an ability to customize performance, security and control to the needs of your company. Additionally, it will provide software allowing you to run on Greenlake and in the public cloud with a common interface.

Good for HPE but what about NonStop? NonStop is perpetually transforming. Many remember Tandem which was a fully integrated hardware/software systems where we even designed our own chips. We’ve gone from custom to MIPS to Itanium to x86 – with others being tested in the lab. We’ve gone from proprietary hardware to triple modular redundancy to standard off-the-shelf HPE servers. We’ve cranked out a virtual offering and if you caught Suveer’s talk at the TBC we are flirting with containers. NonStop has already had a few Greenlake sales and we likely will have more. Can NonStop be sold as a Service? That has been discussed at the past few TBC’s, even before HPE announced the strategy. NonStop as a Service might entice ISV’s to consider a port to the NonStop operating system. NonStop as a Service might allow companies to ramp up development when required or to test new releases or verify performance.

There are many discussions taking place on the benefits of and requirements for NonStop as a Service. NonStop continues to transform in ways that benefit our customers without ever compromising our foundational features. So stay tuned and for the time being, stay safe.



  • Justin Simonds

    Justin Simonds is a Master Technologist for the Americans Enterprise Solutions and Architecture group (ESA) under the mission- critical division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His focus is on emerging technologies, business intelligence for major accounts and strategic business development. He has worked on Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives and integration architectures for improving the reliability of IoT offerings. He has been involved in the AI/ML HPE initiatives around financial services and fraud analysis and was an early member of the Blockchain/MC-DLT strategy. He has written articles and whitepapers for internal publication on TCO/ROI, availability, business intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Converged Infrastructure. He has been published in Connect/Converge and Connection magazine. He is a featured speaker at HPE’s Technology Forum and at HPE’s Aspire and Bootcamp conferences and at industry conferences such as the XLDB Conference at Stanford, IIBA, ISACA and the Metropolitan Solutions Conference.

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