A Note from Connect Leadership

Greetings and a belated Happy New Year from all of us at Connect!

This issue of the Connection, like all of them, has some great articles in it that should help you be more productive at your job. We at Connect are extremely proud of the content in our publications and on our website, if you would like to see us cover things of interest to you please visit our Slack channel and let us know what you are most interested in. I would also like to thank our advertisers who enable us to publish these great magazines for the community.

While we aren’t sure how things will play out just yet we are busy planning the next NonStop Technical Boot Camp since the last one was so well received. We had over 2,000 folks sign up for it and attend the various sessions. All of the sessions are available online if you’d like to see them again. Another huge thank you to the folks who attended and contributed!

During these strange times please know that our community is strong and continues to grow! We are here to help you and to give you a place where you can interact with your fellow IT professionals.


Best regards,
Marty Edelman
President Connect

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  • Marty Edelman

    Since retiring from The Home Depot, Marty Edelman has provided strategic guidance to organizations wishing to modernize their IT infrastructures. While at The Home Depot, he was the director of Payment Services. Marty has been involved with HPE (Tandem, Compaq, HPE and HPE) for more than 30 years as an employee, end user, and independent consultant. He founded a small consultancy firm that specialized in developing high-volume mission-critical solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Marty and his team helped to build the UPS Tracking System, the NYSE Consolidated Trade and Quote systems, and the SWIFT next-generation computing platform.

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