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NonStop TBC, the premier HPE event to build the most resilient IT solutions in the industry

Dear NonStop community,

As you may already know, our NonStop TBC conference, which happens traditionally in November, has been advanced this year. Hoping this statement is not taking anyone by surprise, as we have been advertising this change for several months, but just in case, we’ll reiterate it here, this year, the NonStop TBC 2023 is on September 12-14, just around the corner when you come back from the summer break. As travel budgets and decisions take time, this may leave you with a very short time window to plan for it. And the truth is, you do not want to miss this year’s event as it is packed with high-value content that you are unlikely to find anywhere else—not convinced? Or never been to NonStop TBC before and need to know more? Read through.


This event has a long history going back to 1978 when the event was created as Tandem User’s Group (TUG) in San Jose, CA (USA). It was then renamed as International Tandem User’s Group in 1981, ITUG Compaq Users Group in 2001, all the way to NonStop TBC today. Just as NonStop success spans over almost five decades, this event, with 45 years of existence, has survived all mergers and acquisitions, a testament to its quality. So, what is it about? The original charter, when it was created, defined it as “Advance the use of Tandem computers by promoting free exchange of relevant information and establishing means to facilitate such exchange; provide feedback to Tandem manufacturers on equipment and programming needs; reduce wasted effort among Tandem users in preparing computer programs; advance the art of information processing through mutual education and exchange of ideas.” Well said, isn’t it? But is it still relevant today? When Tandem computers were invented back in 1974, the goal was to create ultra-reliable systems that never had outages and never lost or corrupted data. In doing so, it created the path to design the architecture that would be a simple solution to a challenging and complex problem in the industry.

So here we are in 2023, NonStop is a well-established leader in mission critical infrastructures, but truly the industry has evolved tremendously. Security breaches and catastrophic events are forcing the whole industry to take a hard look at how it can provide even more resilient solutions than it did before, where the goal was “simply” to be able to run the application 24/7. Running an application 24/7 is simple? Some of you may disagree here, especially if you don’t know the NonStop platform yet! But in the scheme of things, the new challenges of our new millennium aren’t simple either. Is AI dangerous? How do you deal with Ransomware? How do you embrace innovation fast pace while continuously increasing your infrastructure reliability? The good news for us is that solving the 24/7 application availability challenge is simple with NonStop, and it allows us to focus on the next challenges and that is where I’ll circle back to why you should not miss the NonStop TBC 2023 event.

Simply put, we consider NonStop TBC to be the premier HPE event to build the most resilient IT solutions in the industry. If you don’t know NonStop yet, you will learn how HPE NonStop brings unprecedented levels of availability and security in a hybrid cloud world where innovation and resilience must converge. But there is so much more than learning about NonStop. As we advertise in the NonStop TBC 2023 conference flyer, the event allows you to learn, discover, partner, meet experts and connect. As hinted in the original Tandem User Group charter, why waste efforts reinventing the wheel when you can discover solutions from your peers, should they be Sys admins, DBAs, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineers (SRE), or from domain experts in cybersecurity, hybrid clouds, real-time analytics. Decision makers, C level executives, product owners, IT directors, and future customers will all find TBC 2023 invaluable to learn about the best strategies to increase their business resilience.

Under the lead of Connect, a non-profit independent association representing a user community of 70,000 HPE customers, partners, and employees, the NonStop TBC event provides the means for those types of exchanges to happen. It is an exclusive access to share ideas on how to build the most resilient solutions in the industry. It is a unique opportunity to learn about all the products as well as a chance to meet and network with customers who have set records in the industry in keeping applications 100% available for decades. Beyond products, the conference delves into advanced solutions to address some of the most contemporary problems, such as ransomware, implementing real-time analytics in a multi-cloud environment, realizing cloud economics while preserving data sovereignty, and how to innovate while not giving up on reliability, data integrity, and security. Connect and our long-time partners, with their generous sponsorships and expertise, are making it all possible.

Don’t wait; proceed to this link,, to register or to simply find out more about the event agenda and the many associated activities planned.

Hope to see you in Denver, Colorado – Sept 12-14, in the event that keeps you ahead of the pack!


  • Roland Lemoine

    Roland Lemoine has been working on NonStop for 23 years and is currently the product manager for database and blockchain languages and development products. Previous experience includes customer support for middleware products, Open Source advocacy and a strong UNIX background.

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