Expanding NonStop Opportunities
by Ron Thompson

How You Can Help Make the Case for NonStop

Recognizing the NonStop community is technically oriented with people having many years of system experience, it’s understandable that comfort is high when “The Topic Du Jour” is about technology.

However, as with many things, the considerations for NonStop vary based mainly on –
A.  Technical Merit of the platform/service
B.  Fit with enterprise strategy – IT and business
C.  Realizing meaningful benefits – business and IT

…. when combined, the result is “perceived value” with a “Go / No-Go” decision to utilize the platform/service.

Because of this, if the NonStop community (including Customers, HPE, and Partners) are interested in having organizations improve outcomes, we need to expand the story to include all the above points.

To help with this, there are videos by Steve Kubick of HPE, CAIL info on “Improving Business Outcomes with NonStop”  and “Getting More Benefits From NonStop” at www.cail.com/cail-suite, and various other sources.

To encourage the community to help the cause by increasing NonStop awareness and engaging with Management and people not familiar with the platform, important questions to ask include –

1.  Is the objective to be an “Always on Organization?”

A.  If so, are metrics of       – 7 9’s or higher required from the date the application goes live?

– fast/immediate response to the User always provided?
+ what are other important indicators for the Users, Business, IT?

B.  Are there meaningful consequences to suppliers for not attaining the above performance levels?

– ie: $1M / minute for any downtown below 7 X 9s on an annual basis
+ what other compensation, penalties, or exposure should the supplier be responsible for when system availability to Users is greater than 3.2 seconds/year?

This is essential to enable the organization to meet or exceed User expectations  +  to win in digital with on-line, real-time, all-the-time information services.

2.  What’s the plan to get more value from our data?

3.  What’s the strategy to leverage the investment in all information services to expand business capabilities, make innovation more rewarding, etc.?

4.  Who is responsible for Planning (Business and IT)?

5.  Who can I collaborate with to highlight important NonStop business benefits?

6.  Who has the most to gain in the organization by delivering superior information services and expanding digital capabilities?

7.  Who benefits by not having to explain system outages and business interruptions?

Since we in the community all benefit as organizations get more benefits from NonStop, please contact CAIL  ([email protected]) or HPE to be proactive in making it happen.


  • Ron Thompson

    Ron Thompson is CEO of CAIL, a HPE and Micro Focus Partner with many Customers utilizing CAIL software to improve connectivity, security, automate and modernize information services - at the desktop and in mobile. This applies to NonStop systems as well as with all platforms - to increase NonStop appeal and value. Ron has an extensive background in technology and business as well as numerous experiences from CAIL venture investing and enterprise innovation initiatives. [email protected] / 800-668-5769 / 905-940-9000.

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