Expanding NonStop Opportunities
by Ron Thompson

Improving Outcomes with NonStop – a Platform Strategy

To follow up on previous articles on getting more benefits with NonStop, the focus here is selecting a platform to –

Satisfy Very Demanding Applications and Business Needs

Suffice to say, doing this now is different than in the past.  With it being an On-Line, Real-Time, All-The-Time world today, it’s much more demanding now than 20 years ago in the “Mission Critical” era, or 40 years ago when “Batch Processing” was the norm!

Satisfying today’s very demanding applications and business needs is a made to order scenario for NonStop.  As the following chart highlights, NonStop is a superior platform for enterprises if the goal is to improve outcomes.  The platform options to support applications essential to business success are summarized in the following chart.

Enterprise  Platform  Options

NonStop has no platform peers when the need is for 7 9s or higher availability (upon the application going live) and can scale quickly.  This is partly what makes NonStop a unique platform – to better position organizations to successfully extend business capabilities with  digital services, address rising user expectations, reduce risk, better manage change, etc.

Further, when combined with the need for minimal resources and low TCO – NonStop is a superior platform to better enable enterprises win in an on-line, real-time, all-the-time world, contribute to making business innovation more rewarding, and achieving other strategic objectives.

This is a strategy to “ Align Applications and Platforms “ to better position enterprises to deliver services with benefits, costs and risk commensurate with their importance to the business, rising User expectations, increasing regulatory / security / compliance demands, the need to meaningfully extend business capabilities in digital, etc.

From this, the greater the impact of the application on growing the business, having competitive advantage,  delivering a great User experience,  or avoiding liability – the greater the need for NonStop.

These are significant benefits and a very compelling platform value proposition – that need to be shared with decision makers – so they are aware of their options with NonStop to move the organization forward.

In closing, with these insights, it’s clear NonStop is a unique platform with very important attributes to improve outcomes – in IT and the business.

To build on this, ask yourself – “ Who can I discuss platform strategy with ? “

….  to highlight NonStop delivers – so the business can deliver


  • Ron Thompson

    Ron Thompson is CEO of CAIL, a HPE and Micro Focus Partner with many Customers utilizing CAIL software to improve connectivity, security, automate and modernize information services - at the desktop and in mobile. This applies to NonStop systems as well as with all platforms - to increase NonStop appeal and value. Ron has an extensive background in technology and business as well as numerous experiences from CAIL venture investing and enterprise innovation initiatives. [email protected] / 800-668-5769 / 905-940-9000.

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