Discover Las Vegas 2022 Recap

HPE Discover 2022 returns to in-person engagement; Connect welcomes the experience!

For the previous two HPE Discover events of 2020 and 2021 it was all about the digital experience. Even as the numbers of participants soared to staggering levels, somehow sitting in front of a screen lacked a certain engagement that so many of us missed. But no longer! HPE felt confident enough to invite its global community to Las Vegas one more time and to put on a show for the ages.

Enjoy concerts with stars like Janet Jackson? Prefer to wander the exhibition hall with drink in hand and a plate of finger food? Attracted to the dog show that well, yes, where you could find real dogs corralled for your enjoyment? Wanted to sit in on the keynote presentation by HPE CEO Antonio Neri and his management team? No concerns about any of that as it was all catered for and the opportunities to network were everywhere you turned.

The Connect Community presented the HPE community with the Connect Tech Forum. The location couldn’t have been better as it was directly across the aisle from the dog corral (sponsored by Connect) and over the course of two days, it was the place to go to hear the latest on HPE products, the Connect Tech Forums, and solutions by partners, including abat+ with its solution on NonStop for Mercedes Benz.

When it came to the keynote session, it was all about success. HPE having launched a three-year plan to give HPE Customers a choice in how to deploy HPE solutions and by doing that become a global leader in the edge-to-cloud platform as a service marketplace, this year’s keynote was a celebration. And the spotlight shone brightly on all things related to GreenLake. Perhaps still an outlier for many in the NonStop community however its presence is beginning to be felt and in time will impact many NonStop users.

It was during the opening keynote that attendees were able to see just how many members of the HPE community had taken the step to join this in-person event. A quick scan of the audience seated in the auditorium revealed a full house with about 4,000 members seated for the show. Final numbers suggested the total attendance peaked nearer to 8,000 and that was because many were outside the auditorium following the presentation on screens relaying the event live to a number of theaterettes. The message couldn’t be clearer; attendees liked the chance to meet and greet colleagues not seen for a very long time.

All the while HPE Discover proved to be a teaser for the act to follow at the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp, 2022. Our interests may lie in knowing more about the new leadership at HPE. On the other hand, our interests may be in new solutions coming to NonStop. For others, it will all be about the growing NonStop ecosystem and the unity that comes with Connect’s commitment to everyone in the NonStop community.

And maybe just for that opportunity, it’s enough to have you looking at the registration page and putting together plans to travel to Burlingame, California. Be assured, with registration open there are already signs that this year’s return to an in-person event will be a marked return experience we have looked forward to for the past two-plus years. See you all this November 8th to 10th!


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