Tech is full of buzzy trends, but security is never out of style

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Whether or not you saw us at a recent Connect-supported event in Europe or the Americas, we can safely say that our presence as a software vendor in the security arena is hard to ignore. With the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference now only weeks away, expect to hear even more from us about security, as topics like Ransomware, AI, and Analytics remain top concerns for all IT professionals.

In organizing community events, the Connect organization has been leading the way to ensure the NonStop vendor community has every opportunity to present its products, strategies, and support structure. The Connection helps educate NonStop users on the options available to them, and at CSP Security, this has opened the doors for more intense conversations with NonStop users. Regardless of the security products our NonStop user community may have already deployed, there is always something new from us at CSP to consider.

Our message is simple. No organization is immune to threats. Corporations cannot trust any single element within their organizations. Inaction to provide protection, hoping for the best, is not a strategy.

While many trendy topics fall in and out of fashion, security remains a priority, especially when new technologies, such as AI, are introduced into corporate environments. Whether an enterprise is looking to create superior defenses against ransomware attacks, set in place early detection systems to prevent hacking attempts, or simply bring the enterprise into compliance with security mandates, it has become clear to CSP that the corporate world must adapt to these changes to ensure the integrity of their critical data and applications. There may be conversations taking place on topics such as Artificial Intelligence. In practice, corporations worry more about security vulnerabilities presented by the arrival of any new technology.

The watchword today must be adaptation. When it comes to trust and defense, those determined to compromise the ongoing operations of any NonStop user will continue to probe for weaknesses. That drives CSP to develop new solutions and add new features to its portfolio of security applications. It has become clear to CSP that even where competing products may be present, there are no arguments against strengthening the security arsenal at the disposal of NonStop users.

Furthermore, our habit of delivering timely enhancements has been crucial to our ongoing success as a vendor operating in the NonStop ecosystem.

CSP has recently announced CSP Vulnerability Scanner™ and continues to provide further updates on this solution in presentations to the NonStop Community. This solution demonstrates our belief in making incremental changes to meet our NonStop users’ needs. We understand that enterprises must continuously check their NonStop systems for any inconsistencies. And with this latest application from CSP, users receive access to multiple vulnerability reports regarding their NonStop system. CSP Vulnerability Scanner also provides suggestions to remediate the issues encountered.

Our NonStop customers expressed a need for something simple and non-disruptive that could run at any time and provide reports on any abnormalities that might be present on their NonStop systems.  It is all about simplicity and getting the job done, both of which are required to protect NonStop from vulnerabilities.

However, in a world where organizations implement zero-trust models, corporations must ensure that users are authorized to access only the necessary resources they require to complete their tasks. Organizations can use applications like CSP Authenticator+®, which support of Multi-Factor Authentication logins for applications that access the cardholder data environment. At CSP, we believe in balancing value, performance, and simplicity. We understand that the best way for us to serve the NonStop community is to develop solutions that are easy to use, cost-effective, and provide the highest level of security for NonStop systems.

CSP Authenticator+ is a cloud-native application developed using a modern cloud-based framework. This redesign provides additional security, offer flexibility, and scale to meet the needs of any of our NonStop customers. CSP Authenticator+ supports multiple authentication methods, such as RADIUS, Active Directory, RSA, and Open LDAP. Additional authentication methods include Email, Text Messages, and Google Authenticator.

This solution embraces modern technologies such as Kubernetes Helm deployments. That makes it very easy to deploy in cloud environments using the Kubernetes framework. And when it comes to support of high availability environments, our NonStop customers can create highly available Kubernetes clusters for resiliency.

Pursuing a cloud-native offering was a simple decision. There is a need today to integrate with other enterprise-wide security offerings, including the need to integrate with centralized ID management systems. That is now easier to achieve with CSP Authenticator+.

What our participation in NonStop community events has highlighted is that there is a need to widen the scope of our communication. Supporting NonStop user events worldwide is part of our broader outreach strategy. It has also become clear to CSP that joining NonStop vendor ecosystems and working with them to communicate our presence in the security marketplace ensures the NonStop community is fully aware of our product capabilities.

CSP is aligned with the Connect organization in their efforts to unite the NonStop community and direct the conversation around everything the platform can offer. Whether it is an article in The Connection, a post in Connect Converge, a feature in NonStop Insider, or simply an update on social media, CSP is acutely aware that taking our message to NonStop and the enterprise requires tapping multiple resources to meet that goal.

These communication channels help us reach the largest NonStop audience. However, promotion alone can only take you so far. We understand that our customers expect our solutions to deliver. The experience we have gained from working with the NonStop community for many years and across many industry verticals that have led us to develop the comprehensive suite of solutions that CSP offers today.

CSP is also keenly aware of the hurdles that partners face to promote their third-party NonStop solutions to the broader user community. We also understand that initiatives like HPE GreenLake may lack some knowledge about the platform’s offerings. As members of the NonStop community, we must do everything we can to ensure that users, such as GreenLake, have access to information about all HPE NonStop Partners.

CSP has been working on an information portal called the Global NS Partner Portal. This project aims to provide information about the offerings of all NonStop vendors and become the one-stop shop for all your NonStop needs. Users can search for solutions by category, industry, or keyword. Expect to learn more about the Global NS Partner Portal at NonStop TBC 2023.

We have invested in the partner portal to promote a broader cross-section of the vendor community that, in turn will contribute to a leveling of the product playing field. The Global NS Partner Alliance presents a complete landscape of application availability for NonStop systems that may not otherwise be common knowledge for all NonStop customers.

Never letting the perfect be the enemy of good will resonate with many NonStop users. Getting to market on time with a good product always trumps waiting for perfection. When addressing our ever-changing security needs knowing where to turn for immediate relief is a priority for many of our NonStop customers.

With the biggest NonStop event of the year about to happen, CSP is excited to be a Platinum Sponsor of the NonStop TBC23 Conference. So come by our booth, say hi, and take a tour of the Global NS Partner Portal. We can assure you that you will not walk away disappointed!


  • Henry Fonseca

    Henry Fonseca is a business professional with a background in branding, market development, customer relations, and financial management. As CSP's General Manager, Henry continues to develop an integrated marketing and business strategy to ensure that our solutions exceed customer expectations. Henry is an engaging and dynamic speaker who regularly presents on cybersecurity topics at conferences around the world.

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