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Our younger son and his wife bought a 12-year-old house ‘as is’ in the spring of 2022. They knew the house needed some flooring, paint, and plumbing work but the location was ideal to walk or bike to work. Prior to purchase, a professional home inspection reported ‘had never seen air filters so dirty.’

After moving in they discovered car air fresheners inside the air ducts. Those dirty air filters probably had never been replaced!

This is in a location that has four seasons and regular moisture from rain and snow. They had the air ducts professionally cleaned, the units serviced, and bought a supply of new air filters for regular replacement. Unfortunately, 4 months later the units also needed to be replaced.

Our older son, his wife, and our grand-daughter bought a 30-year-old house this summer, again in a location that has four seasons and regular moisture. There was also a professional home inspection, stating there were ‘no major issues with the house.’

We began to get suspicious when an open bottle of essential oil that ‘Smells like Cookies’ was discovered on the air handler unit in the basement. After several attempts to find the air filter, it was eventually located and pried out of the unit looking very much the worse for wear. The filter was too small given the size of the house, so we knew there must be another one installed somewhere. The previous owners left an entire box of brand new filters in the basement. We think they couldn’t figure out where the 2nd filter was located either.

Two weeks later our son had the air ducts professionally cleaned. Those servicemen found the other filter in the top level of the house!

As shown in the picture, it probably hadn’t been replaced in many years either! We’re still waiting to hear if their AC systems will survive.

It’s important to change your air filters. Now you know.

I wonder what the previous owners of the two houses were thinking when they couldn’t get rid of the musty smell. Did they call a service person to look at their units? Did they not want the expense of replacing filters? Was it just too much trouble to act from a position of knowledge?

There’s a correlation here with your NonStop Systems:

  • Current software is several releases out-of-date
  •  Upgrading software may be out of your budget
  •  It’s too much trouble to find out and risk the System being unavailable for a short amount of time

We recently got together in the NonStop Community and shared knowledge at the NonStop TBC in Denver. I contacted some of my Exhibitor friends to share their words of wisdom about your NonStop System:

You never, ever, ever want to run out of Virtual Memory on your NonStop System!



Modernize, not ostracize, your NonStop, and you could realize ROI in many folds.


It is possible to access your existing Enscribe data using vanilla SQL without any changes to your System.



The fastest data resiliency solutions providing backup and recovery, replication, data validation and disaster recovery use NonStop parallel execution.



BR2 backups deserve the same catalog capability as Guardian backups. It’s only fair.



Regulatory compliance solutions supplied by HPE. Data discovery, Tokenization, real time file and subsystem integrity monitoring. HPE NonStop solutions that seamlessly integrate into your enterprise.


Now you know! Many thanks to Connect and the NonStop Planning Team for another successful TBC!

Plan to join us next year at the Hyatt Regency Monterey on September 24-26, 2024 in Monterey, California!


  • Kathy Wood

    As a wife, mother and grandmother, Kathy has served in many capacities: At home mom, Room mother, Homeschool mom, BSA Advancement Chair, Church leader in children’s, women’s, benevolence, and bible camp ministries, caregiver, BlackWood Systems marketing, NonStop Partner SIG/Vendor Chair and TBC Planning Team. Kathy uses her Liberal Arts degree from Purdue University to ‘learn how to learn’ and has been participating in ITUG and its successors since 2000.

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