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2020 – a challenging year!

A year ago, none of us could have foreseen the type of year 2020 has turned into with most of the country sheltering at home or just starting to reopen businesses but when venturing out, wearing masks as we try to go about our lives during the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic.   I’m proud to say that HPE has been very good in moving all employees to work from home, checking in and keeping everyone informed as to the latest information from our governments and the company’s future plans within those guidelines.  And we expect HPE to very slowly begin reopening some of our business sites over the summer.   Before we start talking about the NonStop business and events, I’d like to take a moment to send all of you, our customers, partners and friends around the world our best wishes for your personal good health and the good health of your families during this time of social distancing and uncertainty.  As things start to reopen again, we hope you are continuing to take appropriate measures to keep yourselves healthy and safe.

HPE has taken steps to help customers by providing new financing capabilities along with donating technology products to help other companies keep their doors open and connect with their customers, patients and employees.  You can read more about HPE’s involvement in the community and projects of this nature by going to:

HPE has also responded to the social distancing situation by changing our annual DISCOVER event, normally held in Las Vegas each June, to a fully Virtual event this year on June 23rd. This also means that it’s free to attend and is your opportunity to explore everything HPE has to offer including NonStop.  Some sessions will be live while others will be “on demand” for you to review and watch at your leisure. You can register for the Virtual DISCOVER event by going to the following website: where you can also get more information about what to explore and what to expect.  Check back regularly as the site will fill up as we get closer to the event. We hope to see you there online!

Every year the HPE NonStop System user community comes together in twelve or more local events around the world. These events can be as small as 20 people coming together to learn about a new product or new method of doing things on NonStop.  While other events like the NonStop Technical Boot Camp, typically held in November, had 430 people travel last year to Northern California to watch 70+ breakout sessions and customer success stories about the platform as well as to network with each other.  Unfortunately, a world in pandemic has had an impact on the events that we’re able to hold in person in 2020 causing some events to be cancelled, delayed or postponed this year. Our friends at Connect are stepping up to help the NonStop community by providing infrastructure support for virtual meetings and sessions. Through technology we can still come together to share information, think about our businesses and network with each other.  Look for more information about this in the current issue of The Connection.

Some HPE NonStop teams took matters into their own hands to immediately offer virtual events.  I’m proud of our team in Japan, who held the first NonStop virtual event this year with customers in April.  This event was focused on the NonStop SQL/MX database and how to migrate to it and had a good turnout with many customers responding very positively about their virtual experience.  You’ll find a small article from the team this month in which they talk about this experience.

This edition of The Connection is full of interesting articles.   As we move through the pandemic, Craig Lawrence from OmniPayments asks, “Where has all the cash gone?” and points out how consumers are changing the way they buy from cash purchases where money passes from hand to hand, to credit and debit cards the use of which is on the rise in a big way.

No matter what is happening with world events, technology continues to evolve.  NonStop delivered L20.05 on May 11th.  This is the latest RVU for the NonStop X product line.  The RVU largely centers on Middleware offerings and the delivery of NSJ 11.   Sridhar Neelakantan, our product manager for the Middleware and Languages products has written an article this month outlining the new product(s) and features offered in L20.05.  A compendium for the RVU has already been published alongside NonStop manuals as well, you can find links for this in his article as well.

This time we also have an enlightening article from LUSIS about TANGOTM and the fact that it is an implementation of a “microservice” architecture.  To better understand what that means and how it works to make TANGOTM an effective solution for NonStop customers, I encourage you to check it out.

Reflex has provided a very interesting article sharing their experience in adopting NuWave’s Lightwave ServerTM which has provided a number of benefits to their development process.  Maybe Lightwave ServerTM could help you too!

Another juicy security article appears in this edition from the team at XYPRO.  Steve Tcherchian basically makes the case that Multi-Factor Authentication is more important than ever during this strange time of pandemic.   Find out why.

To add a little human interest, Diane Funkhouser has provided an article on the N2TUG event and how NonStop technology has had a very special place in the heart of many companies and customers in the state of Texas for many years.

So it’s a very full issue of The Connection this time and we hope you enjoy it.  We also hope that you will register for the new HPE Virtual DISCOVER event next month and that we’ll see you online with the rest of the NonStop community very soon!

Kind regards and continued good health to everyone!

Karen Copeland
Manager, NonStop Product Management Team
Mission Critical Servers
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise


  • Karen Copeland

    Karen Copeland has worked in the NonStop business since 1983, holding individual or management positions in IT, Software Engineering, QA, Application development and Product Management. In her current position she is responsible for the Worldwide Product Management team for the HPE Mission Critical NonStop platform.

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