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NonStop is reliable and its community is too

The 2022 NonStop Technical Boot Camp marked the return to an in-person event, and it did not disappoint. After 2 years of virtual-only TBC events and many unable to resume travel yet, we went into the 2022 edition of TBC with some uncertainties.  Recognizing this as the first face-to-face event in over 2 years, it was a very good turnout and the event itself was just as live, rich with many experiences and fulfilling all attendees with the feeling of time well spent. First, our partners were back full steam ahead with their generous contributions to make this event a success and with a sold-out Partner Pavilion as a proof point. This event would not exist without our partners’ support.

The event started with Jeff Kyle’s (VP and General Manager HPE NonStop Data Solutions) keynote announcing nothing less than a proof-of-concept of NonStop running in the public cloud.  That particular topic was further presented in a full-packed HPE session as well as a live demo at the HPE booth where you could roll a wheel to randomly decide which element of NonStop you take down and yet see NonStop survive any failure in the public cloud just as it would do on-prem. Right after Jeff, a very interesting keynote “The Tech Side of Sustainability” delivered by Cullen Bash – VP and Lab Director, Systems Architecture Lab Hewlett Packard Labs – showed us how IT companies can also help to save the planet and HPE’s leadership role in research in this domain. And talking about HPE being behind good causes, one of the HPE sessions presented by Justin Simonds and supported by a demo at the HPE booth, was “Applying AML /KYC to Detect Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking”. Justin explained how financial transactions on NonStop include data that can help recognize human trafficking using specific data patterns that can be implemented relatively easily with HPE NonStop SQL possibly augmented with AI&ML. The second-day keynote with Traci Brown, the Fraud-busting Body Language Expert, was both entertaining and an eye-opener on how one can read body language to detect liars. There could not be a better presentation on the value of face-to-face events!

Many other events would deserve more detailed mentions here such as the HPE booth running 8 concurrent demos, the whole new pre-event Design Challenge, Dev Chats throughout, and many very good sessions including from our customers but the best way to find out is, well, to come next time and guess what? TBC will be in Denver Colorado next year!   Mark your calendars now for 12-14 September 2023.

Finally, thanks to the Connect team, who along with assistance from the HPE NonStop Product Management team under Mark Pollans’ lead, deserve high mark congratulations for their perfect organization. With NonStop everything is reliable, the platform and the community. See you in Denver!

Roland Lemoine
HPE NonStop Product Manager

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  • Roland Lemoine

    Roland Lemoine has been working on NonStop for 23 years and is currently the product manager for database and blockchain languages and development products. Previous experience includes customer support for middleware products, Open Source advocacy and a strong UNIX background.

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