A Note from Connect Leadership

Greetings, HPE Community Members!

Dear Community Members,

Our final event of the year took place a few weeks ago, and what a success it was. It was great to join you as the Connect President and see the team in full action. It was a pleasure to meet a combination of customers, partners, and HPE employees from around the globe.

There were some great insights from HPE, the opportunity to understand the NonStop landscape in the future, and some brilliant technical minds building wreck’em cars and fighting it out for popping balloons!

The NonStop Community in action at the NTI Wreck Em’ Rally.

The NonStop community is hard at work at the NTI Wreck Em’ Rally.


A final thanks to NTI for being the overall sponsor of the event. I really hope that you will join us in 2024 in Monterey Bay.

On a lighter note  – back to this day in history

Turn That Frown … Sideways






September 19, 1982

In a posting made to a Carnegie Mellon bulletin board, Professor Scott Fahlman proposes the first known use of emoticons (also known as smilicons or smileys). While the use of emoticons became widespread during the 80’s and 90’s, their origin remained unknown until September 10, 2002, when the original message was retrieved from backup tape.

The following is the original message:

As always, you can join the conversations in our Slack workspace. Please enjoy this issue of The Connection, and I look forward to seeing many of you at TBC soon!

We hope you enjoy and learn from the pages of this issue of The Connection.

Best regards,
Sue Robinson
London, UK


  • Sue Robinson

    A forward-thinking, strategic and highly accomplished CIO and Non-Executive Director with over 25 years’ experience as a specialist in the IT industry providing vision and leadership focusing on Information Risk Management, Business Change and Operations, Service Delivery & Management, Technology and Security. Talented at leading teams to success with a proven track record of planning and implementing transformational change across infrastructure and business systems, with an impressive career history spanning several notable technology timelines and multinational organisations. With particular emphasis on producing infrastructure to support business operations that improve cost effectiveness and service quality. A Non-Executive Director for Connect Worldwide, a global HPE User Community Forum and public speaker, delivering talks and presentations at a number of international events covering Women in Technology & Regulatory Compliance. Consistently featured blogger on the CIO Talk Network (CTN), delivering quarterly blogs.

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