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Dear NonStop community,

NonStop TBC 2023 just happened and I’m sure you will find a few reports on the success of the event, including in this magazine edition. An event that yet again brought together our community to enjoy learning, discovering, connecting, socializing, and sharing our passion for the wonderful NonStop platform that we are so proud of.  As we had expected the themes of hybrid cloud and digital resilience resonated with our customers. On vNS this was illustrated by the great attendance recorded for virtualized NonStop sessions including great interactions in more interactive sessions such as the vNS dev chat. The dev chat sessions are a very good avenue for ad-hoc discussions. Questions were asked regarding for example what happens to the performance of a system once it is moved to the cloud or how VMware and NonStop teams should work together for maintenance to be coordinated between teams. In the database dev chat both Enscribe and SQL/MX were discussed with for example how the future database encryption feature (Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)) will be implemented. Those interactions with our developers are really allowing customers to get to the bottom of very specific topics obtaining high quality responses from peers or HPE subject matter experts present in the room.

On the digital resilience topic, the hot spot was definitely at the HPE booth where a live demo was shown to a constant flow of visitors. Taking on the new regulations such as the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and leveraging HPE products and HPE GreenLake’ s capabilities, presenters demonstrated how one can survive a ransomware attack. Please read the article in this edition “Ransomware Protection and Data Recovery“ for more details on this new and exciting solution.

Talking about taking on some of the biggest challenges in the industry, the first day keynote “Future Proofing the Enterprise: Mission Critical, Quantum-Safe, and AI Augmented” from HPE labs, Chief Architect and HPE fellow, Kirk Bresniker was certainly one of the highlights of the TBC event. Kirk took us on a journey learning the current state of quantum technology and its use case in data encryption that could come to impact us sooner than we think. Similarly, Kirk covered how AI is rooted in many different aspects of our life that require us to take a serious look at ethics, privacy and traceability associated with AI. HPE is deeply involved in coming up with a framework that looks into all those aspects to help design better and safer AI solutions and with this in mind, NonStop, as producer of high quality and reliable data, is meant to play a key role.

As always, you’ll find great articles in this edition from HPE and partners with a special mention to the cover story highlighting how NonStop continues to excel as the best platform to handle today’s data management challenges.


Roland Lemoine
HPE NonStop Product Manager


  • Roland Lemoine

    Roland Lemoine has been working on NonStop for 23 years and is currently the product manager for database and blockchain languages and development products. Previous experience includes customer support for middleware products, Open Source advocacy and a strong UNIX background.

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