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Unveiling the 5-fold advantage of HPE NonStop

Unveiling the 5-fold advantage of HPE NonStop

Dear NonStop community,

2024 is the year we get to celebrate 50 years of NonStop! While many platforms have appeared and disappeared over that period of time, NonStop has only grown stronger, building on an initial design that was simply visionary and, over the years, never taking anything for granted, adapting to industry changes while keeping NonStop fundamentals preserved and keeping customers’ business running 24/7. It is only natural to ask what makes NonStop so efficient. Why have other platforms not been able to achieve the same levels of availability and scalability? What exactly makes NonStop different from other platforms, and can we articulate this in simple terms that everyone can understand?

So last year and as we continuously have newcomers to NonStop looking for this type of information, we refreshed what we refer to as the NonStop value proposition that we present as a 5-fold advantage:

Its self-healing architecture offers unmatched data availability and integrity

  • No data loss or corruption
    • Millisecond takeover instead of failover with strong read/write consistency
    • Fault-tolerant engine for ACID transactions
    • Transaction-aware replication and validation at a geographical scale
  • No downtime
    • Fault tolerance via a shared-nothing, full-system cluster with fault-tolerant OS services and database
    • Active redundancy using process checkpoints with immediate
      automated reroute of workloads in case of failures
    • Rated AL4 by IDC
    • achieves at least 99.999% of average uptime.

 A blueprint that drives scalability & resilience using a multi-dimensional linear scale

  • Offers 98% linear scalability
    • Provides unlimited expandability and capacity using shared-nothing architecture
    • Helps move from prototype to mission-critical without re-architecting or changing the application
    • Adds cores or nodes without stopping the application
    • instant, no downtime, and no architectural bottleneck capacity addition

Avoids unnecessary complexity by reducing risk, streamlining effort, and enabling cost-efficiency

  • Full-system cluster and single-system image
    • No clustering effort for the application; simpler for admins to manage and secure a single system
    • Requires a small management team
  • Full and integrated software stack
    • Single vendor certification, sale, commitment, and support
    • Cohesive SLAs, end-to-end security, and compliance
    • Co-engineered architecture and performance optimization
  • HPE global excellence, reach, support, and services at scale for the full stack
    • Certified security infrastructure
    • Global skills set, advanced technology center, and 24×7 support
    • Professional services, HPE Managed Services, and HPE GreenLake

Enables increased and comprehensive security and compliance

  • Offers out-of-the-box security infrastructure to protect and secure resources that integrate easily with your enterprise authentication, monitoring, and similar tools
  • Implements digital resilience using zero trust security and offers advanced forensics to trace user actions, reports, and tools for compliance
  • Enforces industry standard compliance standards — PCI, HIPAA, DORA, and others; AI/ML-based monitoring to detect the low-and-slow attacks

It’s a perfect blend of innovation and reliability

  • Hardened and automated middleware
    • Industry-standard web and application servers transparently inheriting and adopting fault-tolerant capabilities
    • Application horizontal scaler and load balancer with auto scale and reroute
    • Uses language such as Java, Python, C, C++, and Linux® shell; hardened middleware frameworks — Apache httpd, WildFly, Tomcat, ActiveMQ, Redis, and API gateway
  • DevOps-ready
    • Git, Jenkins, and Ansible
    • Self-service automated database deployment REST APIs and REST-based management framework
    • Mainstream database APIs — ANSI SQL, Oracle®, and PL/SQL compatibility, ODBC, JDBC, and Liquibase — with data integration and analytics

If you look to share this information with anyone who needs to know more about NonStop, we created this Customer shareable infographic (URL: ) as well as a deep dive that we would be happy to present to you and your teams if you are looking to get into more details on this amazing technology that stands the test of times. In the meantime, have fun with this new edition of the Connect magazine!


Roland Lemoine

HPE NonStop Product Manager



  • Roland Lemoine

    Roland Lemoine has been working on NonStop for 23 years and is currently the product manager for database and blockchain languages and development products. Previous experience includes customer support for middleware products, Open Source advocacy and a strong UNIX background.

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