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Dear NonStop community,

Back in June, a few of us were able to enjoy again the value of a face-to-face event at HPE Discover 2022. It was a good opportunity to find out what we are offering under the HPE GreenLake umbrella and knowing so, start to reflect on what’s in it for us in the NonStop community. 3 words particularly resonated with me as Fidelma Russo, CTO at HPE, presented a deeper dive into the HPE GreenLake platform. Her presentation highlighted “Secure, compliant, and simple” as 3 key attributes of the HPE GreenLake experience. And yes, while we can see how the cloud experience may simplify IT, it is nevertheless essential that it also brings security and compliance.

Those 2 attributes of security and compliance are not new to NonStop but are certainly an area where we can expect that the industry will keep moving at a fast pace in the coming years. We know how data breaches can be costly, and how current methods such as simple password protection may not be strong enough. We know how it is important to easily detect if we’re out of compliance and enforce data privacy using all the security technology arsenal we have available. So, a big “yes” to adopt the cloud experience part that brings simplicity but not without ensuring the utmost security, and from that point of view I’m glad security is not only number 1 on the HPE GreenLake agenda but applies across our whole edge-to-cloud portfolio of products, including NonStop.

This edition of The Connection is naturally illustrating our community focus on security. Keep up with PCI-DSS with CSP, focus on top data breaches with Comforte, and stay in Compliance with XYPRO. Learn about new security solutions from Inetco and hear from NuWave, demonstrating their expertise in REST API implementations by showing how API architecture does matter when it comes to security.

Talking about expertise and to close this letter, do not miss Richard Conine’s insightful and down-to-earth view of what Ransomware is, what to do about it and along the way closing the loop with our earlier reference to Fidelma Russo 3 key attributes of HPE GreenLake deployments. A fantastic example of combining the experience and capabilities of both HPE GreenLake and HPE NonStop to solve one of the most challenging issues of our times.

Take care and share the NonStop knowledge!



Roland Lemoine
NonStop Product Management
Hewlett Packard Enterprise



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  • Roland Lemoine

    Roland Lemoine has been working on NonStop for 23 years and is currently the product manager for database and blockchain languages and development products. Previous experience includes customer support for middleware products, Open Source advocacy and a strong UNIX background.

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