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The pressure on payment processors has never been greater. With a serious uplift in cashless transactions since the pandemic and a wholesale uptake of buy now pay later (BNPL) options across the retail sector, it’s never been more important for payment processors to ensure the security of transactions and adhere to various regulations and standards, such as PCI-DSS.

As the number of transactions increases, payment processors must be able to handle the increased volume while maintaining security and reliability. They must be able to integrate with various platforms and systems, such as e-commerce websites, point-of-sale systems, and mobile applications. Processing can be expensive, with transaction fees, chargebacks, and other costs, which can cut into profit margins for merchants. The market is crowded, and they must differentiate themselves and compete on factors such as cost, security, and features. Payment processors must also keep up with emerging technologies, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and decide whether and how to integrate them into their offerings.

How do payment processors monitor their transactions?

Payment processors monitor transactions using a combination of technology and manual processes. Some common methods used to monitor transactions include:

  1. Transaction Filtering and Querying: using filters to identify and flag transactions that meet certain criteria, such as high-risk countries or large transactions.
  2. Real-time Dashboards and Charts: getting a visual indication of transaction throughput in real time, grouped by specific areas of interest, for instance, Card Issuer, Retailer, and Card Type.
  3. Alerting: being alerted to unusual transaction behaviour and enabling them to fix issues fast.
  4. Trend Analysis: analyzing transaction throughput trends to show patterns and help predict future requirements.

A comprehensive and proactive approach to monitoring transactions is imperative.


What does C-Deep for HPE NonStop offer to payment processors?

C-Deep for HPE NonStop is a powerful transaction monitoring tool that effortlessly allows you to query every single field and every single token.

The key features and benefits of C-Deep for HPE NonStop include:

  • Fully customizable dashboards, with no programming knowledge required
  • Cost-effective monitoring for all types of transaction environments
  • Capture data from multiple sources to spot payment engine component issue
  • Create customized rules at every stage of the data transaction, ensuring every stakeholder is informed
  • Simplify database administration
  • Built on simple but effective principles
  • Get alerts via email and text message
  • Create a database policy that works for you – and your regulators
  • Query any part of the data transaction
  • Dedicated BIN field, allowing operators to run queries against the BIN
  • Separate annual databases
  • Focus in on payment issues including interchange and switch timeouts to inform customers and issuers
  • Prepare for high volume transaction dates such as Mothers Day and Black Friday
  • Measure comparative data and time analysis of transaction flows to identify trend

By offering these and other features, C-Deep for HPE NonStop helps payment processors process transactions securely, reliably, and efficiently while reducing the risk of outages and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

HPE offers 3-month trial licences with full, free-of-charge installation and configuration for anyone who wishes to experience C-Deep for HPE NonStop.

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    Nik Colman is a Senior Developer with over 20 years of experience in building multi-platform software solutions. He is the Product Owner for C-Deep for HPE NonStop.

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