HPE Pathway Domains & HPE Shadowbase Data Replication – Perfect Together!

Keith B. Evans

HPE NonStop Pathway is a mainstay of today’s mission-critical systems. It implements application scalability by distributing workloads across dynamic pools of application server processes (serverclasses) that in turn are spread across multiple HPE NonStop server CPUs. It offers high levels of application availability by monitoring and automatically restarting server processes in the event of failure.


Leverage Heterogeneous Data Transformation and Distribution to Create New Business Opportunities

Paul Holenstein

Real-time data replication products, such as HPE Shadowbase software, are well known for their ability to facilitate IT service availability (Business Continuity) by replicating production data in real-time across multiple systems to create backup database copies. Should one system fail, current, consistent data is available on alternate systems which can take over processing, thereby maintaining service availability. But such products also provide another significant capability: a heterogeneous Data Distribution Fabric Backbone (DDFB), which facilitates data integration.