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Getting acquainted – a chat with a NonStop insider

Similar to our interview with Karen Ramirez a few issues back, Connect wanted to hear from Product Management manager Ian Inglis.  Ian has been in the position now for two bootcamps so it was high time to find out more about him and his NonStop Vision..
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Why Training Matters

Joe Androlowicz

It seems like common sense, yet so many shops fail to keep their teams trained and refreshed on the technologies that drive their business and those of their customers. Minor mistakes can lead to catastrophic problems. HPE recently reported that 28% of customers have experienced data center downtime due to human error and that up to 70% of server outages can be tied back to configuration errors.

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HPE Mission Critical

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Richard Buckle

New Year Fireworks Means New Year Resolutions It is traditional to come out with New Year’s resolutions. Whether it is