We’ll be bringing a little of Scotland to Monterey, CA – preparations continue for our attendance at NonStop TBC 2024 Conference

From the web site of Connect, a view down a fairway likely to be feature in the Future Leaders of Technology Golf Tournament.
From the web site of Connect, a view down a fairway likely to be feature in the Future Leaders of Technology Golf Tournament.

From your TCM Marketing Team

Life with a crooked stick. It is no accident that your Scottish-based team from TCM looks to the game of golf for relaxation. It is an ancient sport, indeed, for many, an indulgence that lasts a lifetime. It is also an activity deeply rooted in Scottish history, having arisen on the eastern coast of Scotland, in an area close to the royal capital of Edinburgh. In those early days, players attempted to hit a pebble over sand dunes and around tracks using a bent stick or club. Or, more eloquently, the infamous crooked stick so often referred to in historical tomes even, and its history can be traced back to the fifteenth century!

However, there is one other historical reference worth mentioning. That is the distillation of Scotch Whisky. Some of the locals still think of it as the water of life, and its presence was first documented in the early fifteenth century when Friar John Cor paid his taxes on “eight bolls of malt” – enough malted barley to produce almost 1,500 bottles. To the avid historian, it should not come as much of a surprise that the game of golf and the distillation of Scotch Whisky came about roughly in the same era. Anyone who has devoted time to the royal pastime of golf knows all too well that completion of rounds absolutely needs a tipple or two of Scotch to bring a return to some sense of normalcy.

For the HPE NonStop community it has been our continued support for user groups, both regional and local, that has helped raise the visibility of TCM across the international NonStop community. The business of TCM is in that all-important NonStop marketplace where TCM has been fulfilling its mission for almost three decades. Having been founded in 1996, TCM remains the first and now the largest European organization focused on all things NonStop. Lately, TCM has also addressed the challenges of international operations with service offerings as far away as Australia and with just preliminary engagements in North America.

Working very closely with the NonStop team is a relationship that is proving as timely as it is effective. The NonStop community is witnessing change on many levels, and with the NonStop development team actively embracing virtualization, these changes are arising more quickly than at any other time in the history of TCM. It’s as if someone or some organization has taken hold of a crooked stick and has been driving the product portfolio in parallel to what is taking place across the industry as a whole. There is a reason why the biggest crooked stick is called a driver, and the symbolism isn’t lost on TCM. With change comes expectations’ resets, as simply deploying NonStop in any business environment, even where experience in NonStop deployments is present, is proving challenging.

To better communicate the services of TCM globally for the upcoming NonStop TBC 2024 conference in September, to be held in Monterey, California, TCM is providing sponsorship at the Platinum Level, assuring us a level of visibility where we will be hard to miss. This is among our primary marketing tools, and TCM always provides the company with opportunities to interact with all NonStop community members at all management levels. Is it any coincidence that this conference will take place within the Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa on Del Monte Golf Course located at 1 Old Golf Course Road, Monterey, California? This symbolism was too hard to let go unnoticed by your Scottish vendor.

With this in mind, make sure you pack those crooked sticks as TCM is almost certain to continue its golf-themed booth activities from last year. The potential, too, for a golf tournament – already being promoted as the Future Leaders in Technology Golf Tournament is likely to prove too attractive to ignore, but like with everything else planned for this upcoming NonStop TBC 2024 conference, make sure you keep checking the Connect web site for further updates. As for the presence of Scotch Whisky, well, that will be yet again subject to how best we arrange for shipment, as it would not be a TCM event without the presence of a bottle or two, even if golf doesn’t happen to be your game.

When it comes to expectations about where TCM will be directing the attention of the NonStop community, whether at the NonStop TBC 2024 conference or elsewhere, wherever local events are planned, expect to hear more about the investment TCM is making in knowledge acquisition when it comes to NonStop modernization initiatives. Whether the future of NonStop for any NonStop customer lies with a continuation of deployment of converged systems or in virtualization on private clouds and possibly future deployments in public clouds, expect to hear further updates on the progress being made within TCM from its principal leader, Shiva Subramanian, who will continue to provide updates on all that he is experiencing of late. This, of course, will be a must-attend session wherever Shiva is present on an event or conference agenda.

When it comes to products and services, TCM is pleased to acknowledge how its InSight product has “really caught alight and is proving a brilliant way for TCM to build a foundational understanding of every new NonStop customer we interact with,” said TCM Managing Director, Daniel Craig. “Where we already have a specific task to achieve, this is helping to identify any potential frailties to be corrected in advance, and when InSight is used in isolation, we are able to find simple but critical corrections in our customers’ setups which can lead to major improvements and/or protection against serious failures.”

As a program, what TCM brings to the table with InSight is not a one-off, one-and-done affair, but rather, with InSight, TCM now has the means to highlight continuous improvements that are possible for all those NonStop customers we interact with. Expect to hear a lot more about InSight at upcoming conferences and events and in particular, TCM is encouraging all NonStop customers to take into consideration not only what we can bring to the table but also how we can help in validating decisions being made for future systems deployments. These are exciting times for NonStop when the choice of deployment and the style of solution operations are as wide as the imagination and creativity of any NonStop customer.

Life may indeed not be a crooked stick for many members of the NonStop community. And yet the connection between TCM, Edinburgh, and golf, let alone Scotch Whisky, may be anchored in antiquity, but that is not a far cry from just how modern NonStop has become of late. It is always a pleasure for TCM to support HPE and the Connect community, and this year, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch up with the TCM team, whether on the booth, over a glass of Whisky, or perhaps even battling with TCM team members in the upcoming Future Leaders of Technology Golf Tournament. As for our presence elsewhere on the planet, then make sure you keep checking back to the Connect website and should there be any need to talk to us beforehand, you can always reach us at nonstop@tcm.uk.com



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