NuWave’s Epic 2022 Year In Review

As we approach the holiday season and start decking the halls, we at NuWave, like many of you, like to reflect on the past twelve months. 2022 has been a bittersweet year for us. Looking back, there were so very many highlights and a lot to be proud of. However, there were also some sad times, including the loss of our founder and co-owner, Ernie Guerrera, as well as Karen Copeland, a guiding light in the HPE NonStop space. Even though we’ve had some challenges this year, we have still been able to grow the company, launch new products, and evolve as an organization. And we are so happy to be released from quarantine!

This year, the biggest highlight for us was being able to be together in-person at last. As a virtual company, NuWave’s team has been fully remote even prior to the pandemic–we have team members from coast to coast and around the world. But one thing we had really been missing in 2020 and 2021 was our team trips. This is a highly valued NuWave tradition where we all get together in a new location for all-hands meetings, fun team-building activities, sightseeing, swanky dinners, and lots of laughs. It’s an opportunity to show appreciation to everyone for their hard work and to allow all of the team members to build trust and get more comfortable with one another. It was especially challenging to go without this during a growth phase, with many new team members being onboarded remotely.

For our off-sites this year, we traveled to historic Boston, Massachusetts and beautiful Laguna Beach, California. This summer in Boston, we enjoyed a duck tour (classic!), competed in a scavenger hunt in the Italian North End, visited the famous Faneuil Hall, and attended an improv show and a Red Sox game–overall, the trip was a quintessential Boston experience! Then, later in the year, we jetted over to southern California for some sunshine. We had ourselves an adventure (and a tour) on some e-bikes, kayaked in Laguna Bay, and went on a very successful dolphin watch where we were surrounded by a pod of hundreds of dolphins! We also took some time to pitch in for our Day of Service, helping to remove some invasive species from an ecological reserve in Huntington Beach.

An added bonus of emerging from our pandemic cocoons was the return to conferences and TUGs to see all of you! We attended several shows this year, including SunTUG in Florida, MATUG (Mid-Atlantic Tandem User Group) in Pennsylvania, CTUG (Canadian TUG) in Toronto, BITUG (British Isles TUG) in London, and, of course, the NonStop TBC (Technical Boot Camp) in San Francisco–we had a blast at TBC, especially. The NuWave & TIC nightcap on the top floor of the hotel was a lot of fun, and shooting hoops in the expo hall was a great way to connect with people. We also wanted to thank everyone who attended our session on enterprise integration; we loved all of the questions and the discussion that followed our presentation. And we’d like to thank Shaun Swift at The Papé Group for presenting his LightWave customer use case. We had great success at all of the events this year, even with slightly lower attendance than in pre-pandemic years. And of course, we really enjoyed meeting with all of our partners, customers, and friends in the community. We’re looking forward to connecting with even more people at more conferences next year.

At NuWave, we are constantly working to reduce our environmental impact, and this year we successfully converted all of our promotional materials to recycled paper and our tradeshow giveaways to sustainable materials like bamboo. We also continued to reduce our paper use, and we began tracking our flight emissions. We are always looking for ways to improve, so if you’ve been working on any green initiatives or you have any ideas, send them over to

One announcement we’d like to share, for those of you who haven’t heard, is that we have partnered with HPE as part of the NonStop Showcase program to have the LightWave solutions listed in the HPE pricebook. We are very excited about this new partnership. In addition, we have several new customer success stories, including one from TCM, a well-known service provider in the HPE NonStop space, and another from Red Link, the largest switch in Argentina. RedLink has utilized the LightWave products for several use cases, including sending messages between BASE24 and Amazon AWS, updating the connection between their ATM network and their backend NonStop applications to use REST, and integrating BASE24 with external processes and services, among others.

Some other noteworthy milestones this year included raising money and awareness for the World Wildlife Fund in our annual 5k and releasing the first plug-ins for the LightWave Client and LightWave Server solutions. These plug-ins will allow users to more seamlessly integrate with common applications and SaaS solutions like BASE24, Salesforce, the Avalara tax service, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and more. If there’s something you’d like to plug into, let us know at The biggest milestone of all, though, was our Prizm Gateway announcement. This exciting new product is an HPE NonStop-based API gateway that allows you to enable, maintain, monitor, and secure all of your APIs from your most fault-tolerant, scalable, mission-critical platform. This solution comes with the best support in the NonStop space and it is generally available, so place your orders now!

Well, our year in review wouldn’t be complete without giving thanks to our amazing team. These people work tirelessly to deliver amazing products and provide the best customer experience possible, and they are so incredibly committed to NuWave and our vision to contribute to a more sustainable future. During this time of thanksgiving, and always, we feel absolutely blessed to have all of you in our corner–here’s to you!



  • Gabrielle Guerrera

    Gabrielle Guerrera is the President & CEO of NuWave Technologies. She has been a member of the HPE NonStop community since joining NuWave in 2007. Starting her career in marketing, she also held sales and business development positions before diving into management. Gabrielle has a BSBA from Boston University and an MBA from Babson College. She enjoys long walks on the beach, reading the Wall Street Journal, butchering, hiking, and attending HPE NonStop conferences.

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