News from HPE’s NonStop Division

Prashanth Kamath U

We’re in a new world, “new” in more ways than one. The biggest change is the social norms and people interactions. Not sure how long it’s going to last. Some say “this could be a lasting change” but I do hope that’s not true. Human perseverance to improve lives have always won over crises that threaten to take us backwards. I do look forward to see that happening this time again!


News from HPE’s NonStop Enterprise Division

Prashanth Kamath U

We are in the middle of 2019 already!! I guess a large part of the northern hemisphere is awaiting the onset of summer. Global warming and El Nino are posing twin challenges to our lives with rising temperatures and scarce or untimely rainfall. Here in Bangalore – India where I work, the summer has just gone past without much heat (sigh!!) but the rain is playing hide and seek.